‘Days of Our Lives’ News: Will DOOL Be Cancelled For Megan Kelly’s New Show?


'Days of Our Lives' News: Will DOOL Be Cancelled For Megan Kelly's New Show? The rumor that low ratings performer, “Days of Our Lives,” is on the chopping block has picked up steam with the defection of Fox News’ Megyn Kelly to NBC. Could the glitzy anchor’s new show do the unthinkable—take the place of long running soap DOOL?

Loyal viewers have long braced themselves for the day that their beloved hour long daytime drama would exist no more; among the four remaining soaps it consistently places in last place in the Neilson rating game.

The venerable soap recently celebrated its 51th anniversary, a milestone unheard of in today’s television landscape. But the show is contracted to air only through 2017. Many insiders, and soap loyalists, fear that the end is in sight.

People magazine is reporting that a DOOL insider is saying that a select number of actors have been informed that the soap will not be renewed after 2017.

DOOL is seen in the key 1–2 p.m. timeslot in many markets and it would be the ideal time to air a show with the high-profile, ratings star Kelly.

It’s been done before: in 2011, “All My Children,” and, “One Life to Live,” were both sacrificed for now-defunct talk shows.

In 2012, “General Hospital,” was bumped from its traditional spot in favor of a talk show hosted by Katie Couric. The show lasted two years.

Another beloved soap, “Guiding Light,” was cancelled in favor of the game show, “Let’s Make a Deal.” Are you sensing a trend here, soap fans?

Could the same fate be waiting in the wings for, “Days of Our Lives?” In addition to reports that cast members have been told that their jobs are in jeopardy, other employees are reporting that they’ve been handed similar news.

The handwriting may be on the wall, soap fans. There is no official word on when Kelly, who leaves Fox in July, starts her new gig at NBC, or what type of show she’ll be hosting. But if history is any indicator, DOOL may the next soap axed in favor of a hoped-for Neilson ratings winner.

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  1. cher2356 says

    If this happens NBC will lose a lot of viewers including me, my whole family !! We have been watching DOOL’s for over 50 years, this is totally BS! All I have to say is, if this happens I’ll never watch NBC again especially for some stupid talk show that will fail in a year or so then what, we’ll be out of another great soap…..NBC you suck!

    1. Brandi Lewis says

      totally agree honestly the writers better get on it and stop dickin around with the BS story lines that have been over done and no one wants to watch

    2. dante williams says

      I feel you, I won’t be watching any NBC shows either if that happens. As it is I only watch Grimm (which is in it’s last season) and Emerald City (which is a mini-series.) NBC might even be on their way out the way I see it, even if they appear to be a major station, if they cancel great dependable shows this could be the first year in my life I don’t watch anything on a major channel! They better think this through, because Days has millions of fans through generations. How many shows can claim that?

  2. Monday says

    This show has been on the air since Nov. 8th, 1965. My mother watched it when I was a young child, she had it on while ironing, she watched this show til she could no longer remember, she has dementia now at 92. I have watched it since I was a young adult, took lunch hours from my job,(who didn’t take their lunch break to see Bo and Hope get married!) or took a break, or now plan my lunch around it to sit for an hour and get lost in the characters of Salem. I have loved some story lines, disliked others, disliked some characters replacements,watched beloved characters die and others leave, I have loved every minute of the hours I have watched DOOL’S. If I cannot watch it at the time it is on, I tape it. Talk shows, News shows, come and go, but not DOOL’s. It has been fun to watch the characters age and change. Tom and Alice, Mickey and Maggie, on and on. It’s like a comfortable beloved, book you reread over and over, except they keep adding new characters and storylines to keep up with the changing times. Whatever NBC does I hope they move something in the daytime lineup around to put their million dollar talk show host, Megan Kelly in, most likely she’ll go the way of the others, canceled within a season or two. It seems a waste to cancel a long beloved soap……

  3. Faith Clemons says

    All talk shows are no different. They talk too much about opinions, and other forms of nonsense. Which talk show solves any problems. They give us their opinions and argue to justify why east thinks and feel as they do. I enjoy the fantasy and fake lif on soap operas. They solve their fake issues until some other fake issue comes along. They make us feel that love is possible for some and go too do something else. Talk shows are on too much, cooking shows, too many, shows showing how free, put on makeup, how to walk like a model, unnecessary. Most of us are not trying to do what talk shows try to tell us anyway. Please let me live vicariously through my soap stars and let talk show come on early or after 3 so I can see my soap stars do and live as I enjoy. If Megan is to carry NBC Over the top it really doesn’t matter what time she comes if people are going to follow her. Leave DAYS OF OUR LIVES alone, please!!!!!!!!!

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