Coronation Street’s Lucy Fallon Talks Bethany Platt’s Nightmare and Drops A Spoiler

Coronation Street's Lucy Fallon Talks Bethany Platt's Nightmare and Drops A Spoiler

“Coronation Street,” star Lucy Fallon is speaking out on Bethany Platt’s sex grooming ring nightmare and shares that the worst moments may be yet to come now that her tormentor is out of jail.

Viewers of the ITV soap believed that teen Bethany’s long-running ordeal was over when she testified against ringleader Nathan Curtis (Christopher Harper) who was then jailed. But the bad guy has connections in the police force, and on Friday night’s episode he was released due to a lack of evidence.

Bethany couldn’t believe what she was told, and in despair she returned to her habit of self-harming. Will this latest setback land Bethany in a dark place where even her loved ones can’t help her?

Her mother is trying to help Bethany any way she can, but instead makes matters worse with her intention to get the police re-involved in the case. Bethany’s mom has no idea that cop Neil (Ben Cartwright) is actually one of Nathan’s contacts, and one of the men who raped Bethany. This can’t end well.

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Now Bethany’s portrayer is speaking out about the latest turn in the young blonde’s upsetting story. In an interview with Fabulous magazine the 21-year old actress shared that she definitely wants to get justice for Bethany and see the bad guys get the punishment they deserve.

In fact, Fallon herself has been seriously affected by her role in the devastating plotline. “There have been scenes where I have genuinely cried because they’ve been so hard to do,” she said. “Obviously the rape scene with Neil … and the one with all the men in the flat, because imagining that actually happening to someone is just horrible.”

Fallon believes that Bethany can pull through her trauma however, saying, “I feel there needs to be light at the end of the tunnel … she needs some Platt scenes on the sofa with a cup of tea … and hopefully she’ll be all right.”

That remains to be seen though, and with Nathan now on the loose will his first action be to get revenge on the emotionally vulnerable girl?

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Coronation Street's Lucy Fallon Talks Bethany Platt's Nightmare and Drops A Spoiler

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