Coronation Street Spoilers: Andy Carver Loses Hope, Plans Suicide – Daniel Investigates Phelan, Will He Save The Day?

Coronation Street Spoilers: Andy Carver Loses Hope, Plans Suicide - Daniel Investigates Phelan, Will He Save The Day?The Weatherfield villain Pat Phelan has his sights set on poor Andy. Phelan, the ridiculously villainesque kidnapper, took Andy into the fold in one of the most dramatic climaxes in Coronation Street history. Now Andy is stuck, planning to off himself with painkillers. Fans of the show are waiting anxiously for the conclusion – will Andy manage to commit suicide and allow Phelan to get away with his evil ways? Or will Reporter Daniel Osbourne save Andy from his miserable fate?

According to official ITV sneak peeks, Daniel will be closing in on the evil Phelan in upcoming episodes. Express UK writes, “In next week’s episodes, Daniel Osbourne (Sam Robertson) starts to investigate him for a news article as he questions his involvement in the Calcutta Street flat scam. But Anna Windass (Debbie Rush) warns him against this idea and cites Michael Rodwell’s death as an example of how it can turn out if you start prodding. As she confirms Todd Grimshaw (Bruno Langley) was the one who found Michael’s body, Daniel goes off to talk to him in a new line of enquiry. Daniel becomes even more suspicious when he approaches Phelan for a comment after Yasmeen Nazir (Shelley King) gives him some more information.”

Soap opera fun!

In most cases, bar the odd American Soap Days of Our Lives serial killer – memba that? – characters, especially leading characters like Andy, don’t kick the bucket until well into their contracts. But will the writers be ruthless and go all Game of Thrones on poor, hunky Andy? Not necessarily so. There’s a strong chance that Daniel will indeed close in on Phelan and rescue Andy in a two-to-three episode arc. He has to, right? If we lose Andy, we lose interest. We cannot have a villain succeed. The meaning behind this narrative arc is to show loyal fans that Coronation Street does indeed trump evil.


Or I could be horribly wrong and Andy dies and we cry and Phelan walks away like a prize bullfighter with a penchant for Kate Bush music. But come on, Daniel! Save Andy! The guy wants to die because he can’t stay locked up forever, plus, for some unknown reason the writers never thought of giving him Stockholm Syndrome and have him fall in like with Phelan. That could always have worked, but no, we’re sitting here on the edge of our seats, biting our nails like we’re watching The X Factor final and hoping the writer gods pull through and give us back our Andy.


Let’s start a trend, shall we?

Will Andy survive? Will Daniel nail Phelan in a dramatic showdown? Only time – and our anxious minds – will tell.

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