Who Will Win The 2016 Emmy For Outstanding Supporting Actress?


This is another tough category.  With 5 powerhouse actresses nominated,  it makes it quite hard to choose. None  of the actresses from ‘General Hospital’ who submitted reels and made it to the pre-nominations list were nominated. However 1 actress from ‘The Bold and Beautiful’, 2 from ‘Days of Our Lives’ and 2 from ‘The Young and the Restless’ were announced to be nominated.

Nominated from ‘The Young and the Restless’ are Lauralee  Bell (Christine) and Jessica Collins (Ex-Avery). As District Attorney, Christine had her work cut out for her. She also went through a rough time becoming pregnant, losing the baby and dealing with the aftermath. Overall Bell did a fantastic  job, one that deserves this type of recognition.  Collins likewise had to play the role of an abuse victim. Avery was a very good lawyer, but throughout  2015 , she had  many trials of her own. Dealing with her ex-Joe (Scott Elrod) who stalked her and physically abused her. They were  heart breaking scenes to watch.

Linsey Godfrey from B&B, was one of the top actresses from the show in 2015. Her potrayal  of Caroline was albeit a top notch one. Caroline cheated on her husband Ridge (Thornton Kaye) with his own son Thomas (Pierson Fode). Her infidelity  lead to her pregnancy, something she had to confess to her husband.  It was her confession that brought us tears. We cried so much as she poured her heart out to Ridge telling him of her unfaithfulness.  Should she win the award for this category?

Last but not least, the actresses from Days; Peggy McCay (Caroline) and Melissa  Reeves (Jennifer). Its been quite a while since we’ve  seen Reeves deliver such touching work. It definitely  is due to the material she was given. Between her constant  face off with Eve (Kassie DePaiva) and finding  out about the affair between her son JJ (Casey Moss) and Eve, Reeves might just walk away with this award. That scene where she opened the door to the shock of a lifetime,  witnessing her son in bed with Eve could allow her to become the winner. McCay is a stalwart  in this genre, having spent many years in the field. Her character’s sickness  and what happened after left several viewers in awe. Peggy may just be the one to win this award.

So fans who do you think will win it? Already viewers are predicting that Jessica Collins will take home this award, but what do you think? Take the poll!

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