Weekly Soap Opera Ratings For August 22-26: Y&R Ratings Up, GH Down, B&B Gains Women 18-49, DOOL Returns With Mixed Ratings

Weekly Soap Opera Ratings For August 22-26: Y&R Ratings Up, GH Down, B&B Gains Women 18-49, DOOL Returns With Mixed RatingsThe soap opera ratings for the week of August 22-26 have been posted by Soap Opera Network. ‘Days of Our Lives’ returned to NBC on Monday, August 22. The ratings comparison is from the last full week ‘DOOL’ aired – August 1-5. ‘The Young and the Restless,’ ratings were up across the board. ‘The Bold and the Beautiful,’ had a loss of total viewers but ratings were up in the women 18-49 demographic. ‘General Hospital’ ratings were down with total viewers and women 18-49.

Days of Our Lives

Soap Opera Network the ratings for ‘DOOL’ the week of August 22 through August 26 to the last full week the daytime drama aired. Total viewership was down by 32,000 total viewers with 2,149,000 watching the soap opera’s first week back after the break for the Summer Olympics in Rio. Women 18-49 were tuned in with 405,000 welcoming the soap back from its hiatus. That’s an increase of 40,000 viewers compared to August 1 through August 5.

General Hospital

GH total viewer numbers were down with 2,524,000 for the week of August 22-26. That represents a loss of 49,000 viewers. After three straight weeks ‘GH’ ratings were up the week of August 15-19 and now they’re back down again. The loss of women viewers 18-49 was small – 415,000 tuned in again which represents a loss of 1,000 viewers in this demographic.

The Bold and the Beautiful

‘B&B’ total viewer ratings were down after two straight weeks of increasing ratings with 3,718,000 watching the soap opera. That is a decrease of 14,000. After an increase in the ratings the previous week ‘The Bold and the Beautiful’ once again drew back women 18-49 with 547,000 watching the week of August 22-26. That represents a gain of 23,000 viewers in this demographic

The Young and the Restless

For the second straight week ‘Y&R’ ratings are up in both total viewer and women 18-49 demographics. Soap Opera Network reports that 4,669,000 total viewers tuned in. This represents a gain of 104,000 viewers. Ratings were back up for the second straight week in the women 18-49 demographic with 628,000 turning in. That represents a gain of 27,000 viewers.

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    Where in the world is Ryan and Lucas, they got married but what happened? ONce again, another daytime drama has shoved two wonderful gay characters off to never land. What in the world is the matter with General Hospital? ARe they going to bring these two wonderful actors back or what?

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