‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Nikki Continues To Be A Bad Mother-in-Law and Sharon Remains The Damsel In Distress

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Nikki Continues To Be A Bad Mother-in-Law and Sharon Remains The Damsel In DistressNikki (Melody Thomas Scott) has always refused to recognize reality on ‘The Young and the Restless’. Her distaste of Sharon (Sharon Case) has been evident almost from the day they first met. Now, over two decades and many fights later Nikki relishes the role of the bad mother-in-law. Meanwhile, Sharon hasn’t shaken her damsel in distress moniker.

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The dash (-) isn’t often used in the English language. That’s why the appearance of that punctuation mark twice within three words is exceptional. Nikki has played Sharon’s mother-in-law through two different sons, which the former Ms. Collins surely regrets. Sharon has occasionally reached detente with Nikki, but never for long.

It’s fair to argue that Nikki is fully within her rights where this Christian (Jamie and Alister Tobias) issue is concerned. Yes, Sharon’s behavior has affected Dylan (Steve Burton) dramatically, but was Nikki on Sharon’s side when Nick (Joshua Morrow) betrayed ‘Shick’ and formed ‘Phick’ years ago after Cassie (Camryn Grimes) died? With all history considered, it’s obvious that Nikki simply can’t (and shouldn’t?) stay out of her son’s personal lives.

Sharon is a younger version of Nikki, to a certain degree. Ms. Collins came from a middle-, or lower middle-class background, just like her multiple time mother-in-law did. Both blonde ladies are smart, attractive and fiercely loyal to their families. So maybe they’re more alike after all?

This point has been made by various Y&R characters in the past and is worth repeating. Commonalities between Nikki and Sharon surely play into the negative spark that has always existed between them. Mix in Nikki’s complex relationship with Victor (Eric Braeden) and Sharon’s ill-advised actions through the years and it’s not surprising that various battles have been waged.

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Both women could be described as needy, or determined, based upon one’s political persuasion and subjective view of fictional reality. Although there’s no doubting that both personalities have been written to remind viewers of real life characters that exist within their own lives. Uh oh, an undeniable truth has been reconfirmed. Next time Victor verses Dylan will be explored, as the guys deserve to have their motivations scoured as well.

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