‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers Friday, September 2: Nick Blasts Victor for Adam’s Death, He’s Shocked – Chelsea Devastated – Billy Flirts with Danger

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers Friday, September 2: Nick Blasts Victor for Adam’s Death, He’s Shocked – Chelsea Devastated – Billy Flirts with Danger“The Young and the Restless” spoilers for Friday, September 2, tease that Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) will panic as reality sets in. At the cabin, Nick (Joshua Morrow) pulls Chelsea close as she screams Adam’s (Justin Hartley) name. Chelsea clings to the hope that Adam received her voicemail and left the cabin before it exploded.

As Chelsea tries to reach Adam’s phone, Nick insists they need to go. Meanwhile, Paul (Doug Davidson) and Dylan (Steve Burton) find the hotel room where Connor (Gunner and Ryder Gadbois) was treated. A call comes in and Paul gives Dylan the explosion news. He says a witness spotted a man with a woman and a child.

Nick and Chelsea make their way to the airstrip. Chelsea is upset when she learns Adam isn’t there. The pilot suggests that they have to leave, but Chelsea wants to search for Adam at the cabin. Nick says Chelsea should go ahead and get on the plane. She puts up a fight and talk turns to who might’ve done this.

Chelsea and Nick come to the conclusion that Victor (Eric Braeden) was the only one in the loop on Adam’s location. Chelsea flips out and Nick intends on confronting his father. Near the cabin, Dylan and Paul chat with a neighbor about the explosion. They think the blast was meant to be a diversion.

Later, Paul and Dylan arrive at the airstrip in time to see a plane taking off. They notice Connor’s stuffed dinosaur is on the ground. At the ranch, Victoria (Amelia Heinle) and Travis (Michael Roark) stop by to see Victor (Eric Braeden). They’re curious about Victor’s role in the recent Amber Alert.

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Introductions are made between Victor and Travis. Victoria calls Travis her boyfriend and points out that he stopped Summer’s (Hunter King) wedding. Victor hints that Travis must want something in return, but Travis brushes off the idea. They clash and Victor encourages Victoria to get rid of him. After they leave, Victor tells Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott) that he can’t reach out to Chelsea or Adam. It’s too risky.
At Jabot, Billy (Jason Thompson) still wants to be with Phyllis (Gina Tognoni). He reminds her of his love and suggests they should get away for a while. Jack (Peter Bergman) walks in and rants about all of the Newman drama. Billy proposes an Abbott family dinner. Ashley (Eileen Davidson) arrives and says she’s in, too.

They all head over to the athletic club for their meal. Ashley wants Billy to invite Victoria and he rants about Jill’s (Jess Walton) reunion obsession. Ash wonders why Billy didn’t just quit. She asks if Jill has dirt on Billy and he admits that she does. Jack demands to know what it is, but Billy won’t divulge the details.

A nervous Phyllis tries to shift the conversation, but she doesn’t have any luck. Billy makes more cryptic comments and Victoria walks in with Travis. The lovers notice the Abbotts nearby. Victoria suggests they’re always going to run into people she knows. She thinks Travis will get used to seeing everyone around town.

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Victoria hears about Billy’s comment that Travis wanted a “sugar mama.” Travis downplays the remark and they head out. Over with the Abbotts, Billy tells Ashley that he’s fine. He wishes nothing but happiness for Victoria and he’s moving on, too. Billy adds that he’s not pursuing a relationship with Bethany (Chrishell Stause).

Ashley leaves for a moment and Jack proposes a toast to Billy. He hopes his brother will get what he wants. When Jack steps out to take a call, Phyllis rips into Billy. She wonders what he thinks he’s doing. Billy suggests that Phyllis knows she likes it.

They both hate themselves because of their connection, but they just can’t give it up. Billy takes Phyllis’ hand underneath the table. Ashley finds Jack near the entrance. He seems like he’s in shock as he hangs up the phone.

Other “Young and the Restless” spoilers say Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) will rush through the secret passageway. In Chelsea’s room, Chloe will catch her breath and change clothes before going down to see Kevin (Greg Rikaart). He’s attempting to track Chelsea and Connor on his computer. Kevin doesn’t understand why Adam wasn’t in the car with them.

A call alerts Kevin to the explosion and the eyewitness account. A short time later, Chloe has a flashback of putting a tracking device inside Connor’s dinosaur toy. She looks up info on the laptop. Chelsea travels through the passageway and runs downstairs. She updates Chloe and Kevin on Connor’s safety, but cries trying to tell them about Adam.

Kevin offers reassurance just as Paul knocks on the door. Back at the ranch, Nick marches in and scolds Victor for killing Adam. He mentions the explosion and wonders how Victor could do this to his son. Y&R rumors hint that some emotional moments are coming up. Stick with CBS soap to see Victor’s reaction to Nick’s accusations.

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  1. DK49 says

    I see the explosion as a possibility to bring back Adam (who escaped before the explosion), or to end his time on Y&R, since he is now on an upcoming prime time series. Maybe we’ll have to wait and see for a while..

  2. Billyboy says

    After reading posts from several sites, only half of them have anything correct. I really wanted to believe that Y&R was going to have some great storylines leading to September 1, once again VERY DISAPPOINTED. In my opinion Y&R should just end it now, I for one don’t see the soap getting any better. Everyone said once JFP left it would be different all I see is more of the same.

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