‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers: Nikki Penniless After Victor Betrayal – What’s Next for the Former Stripper?

'The Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Nikki Penniless After Victor Betrayal – What’s Next for the Former Stripper?‘The Young and The Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers reveal that Victor Newman [Eric Braeden] will soon exact justice on his traitorous wife Nikki Newman [Melody Thomas Scott] from behind bars and will cut her off from his fortune. What will penniless Nikki do?

Although Nikki visited The Mustache and insisted that she did what she did because she loves him, he’s not having it. Victor is furious and may be done with Nikki for good. Actor Eric Braeden has hinted in several media outlets that if it was up to him, Nikki and Victor would be over and done.

Nikki, of course, has family members with money, but we have to wonder how far reaching Victor’s revenge will be… Will he have her locked out of their mansion? Will he freeze all her accounts and credit cards?

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We saw in the “It’s a Wonderful Life” homage episode of what life would be life without Victor. We saw Nikki had fallen off the wagon and was filthy and scrounging around Genoa City for booze money, but that’s just wishful thinking on Victor’s part.

She’s got plenty of kids that will take her in, but Victor cutting her out will no doubt sting. Will Nikki take this as a sign that they’re done for good and move on with her life? Neil Winters [Kristoff St John] is single and working on the new philanthropic project with Jack Abbott [Peter Bergman].

That seems like a natural fit as a job for Nikki. She’s a little long in the tooth to go back to shedding her clothes for money, so she needs a respectable profession. And Nikki knows a thing or two about addiction struggles, so it seems likely she’ll end up working with Jack and Neil.

The writers have made a big deal out of their charitable project, so it will likely become a focus in the future. But will working with Neil or Jack lead to romance? Jack and Phyllis Newman [Gina Tognoni] are struggling and Phyllis is getting far too close to Billy Abbott [Jason Thompson], so you never know.

Will Victor’s plan to punish Nikki backfire and she’ll end up gainfully employed and leading a new independent life? When Victor finally gets out of jail (which we all know he will), will he discover that Nikki no longer needs him and he’s all alone in the world?

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Victor can’t see reason right now and Y&R spoilers reveal that only Summer Newman [Hunter King] will testify on his behalf. The rest of the Newmans will testify against him and it looks like a conviction is a done deal. But we know you can never keep The Mustache down so Victor will triumph.

What do you think Y&R fans? How will Nikki react when she finds out her cushy lifestyle has been ripped out from under her by Victor? Will she panic and crumble or come out strong and make her own way in Genoa City for a change?

Share your comments below on Nikki’s upcoming financial plight and what you hope to see. And come back to Soap Opera Spy often for more ‘The Young and The Restless’ spoilers and news.

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  1. Elaine Oxford says

    No one comments because we cannot see what other people think so we think there is no point in commenting !

  2. Mary Colby says

    They have been divorced so many times she has a lot of money herself.The house was hers from a previous divorce.

    1. Kathleen Knapp says

      Interesting Nicki, Nick, Sharon all have homes at the Ranch. What about Victoria? WILL Victor try to pull plug on all of them?

  3. Dorothy Fontaine says

    Excuse me. What happened to community property laws?

  4. Kathleen Knapp says

    Nikki needs to start taking control of the bank accounts & getting a good attorney now! Victor needs to remove Victor as a signature & access from ALL Company funds. He will do his best to make his day dream come true.

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