‘The Young and the Restless’ Spoilers: Jack Creates Consequences For Phyllis’ Behavior

'The Young and the Restless' Spoilers: Jack Creates Consequences For Phyllis' BehaviorJack (Peter Bergman) applied an old-school principle on ‘The Young and the Restless‘ this week. He responded to Phyllis’ (Gina Tognoni) behavior by creating consequences. Some people believe that selected individuals deserve unlimited second chances in life along with no meaningfully served punishments in any instance. Others understand why that strategy represents a reckless way to view the world.

Children deserve a higher level of consideration for all of their actions, as they are developing their hearts and minds. However, adults are different. Phyllis learned that hard fact this week. And, learning is an important topic in what actually isn’t a debate. No, a statement is being made.

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There are some souls within Genoa City who believe in moral relativism. Those personalities think, to a greater or lesser extent, that all human beings are merely evolved animals. In their minds, free will is fleeting, if in fact true at all. Following with that old-fashioned, non-progessive theory is the belief that people aren’t responsible for their actions. Instead, various societal pressures, environmental factors and other matters force some people to make unavoidable choices. That’s emotional logic, not evolved thought.

Phyllis and Jack were viciously targeted by Victor (Eric Braeden), the evil corporate titan who loves money more than life itself, when he decided to impose Marco (Peter Bergman) into their lives. Yes, Victor then deserved to be convicted and sentenced to prison for ten years, where he should have remained. That assessment is acceptable as long as those same lawyers agree to punish Phyllis for responding to her circumstances by betraying her husband. Like Victor, her action wasn’t involuntary. No, it was freely made, along with Billy (Jason Thompson) of course. And, thus the rub.

Victor chose to do something after he thought about, mixed in human emotion and then acted. Phyllis chose to do something after she thought about it, mixed in human emotion and then acted. Both people did something wrong. Yes, wrong and right exist in the soap world too.

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The only souls who would dispute such common sense are those who believe in creative morality, or no morality at all. For in their invented realities, anyone can do anything purely for the pursuit of happiness and then explain away their actions through words. That commissioned portrait is fully self-centered be hung it anywhere on earth, or in Genoa City, Wisconsin.

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