‘The Young and The Restless’ Poll: Do You Want Sharon and Nick As A Couple Again? VOTE!

YR-Sharon-nick-Yay-nay-poll ‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) fans have watched for months now as the real paternity and identity of baby Christian has ping-ponged all through Genoa City. This train wreck in the making is sure to devastate both Nick (Joshua Morrow) and Sharon (Sharon Case) when it finally implodes, leaving neither with their beloved child. Will Nick and Sharon bond over the mutual pain and suffering of losing the baby, bringing them together once again?

Nick and Sharon’s relationship is riddled with problems that began almost since their meeting in 1994. Just as things settle, it seems fate hits them with disaster after horrible disaster. The couple has withstood everything from cheating to the death of a child making them one of Daytimes most beloved couples.

Even through life’s craziness; including the madness of Sharon herself, this long history of romance prevails. Will history repeat itself once more allowing fate to guide Sharon and Nick back together?

There is an extensive fan base that lives and breathes the idea of a reunion between this powerhouse couple. Their 2009 reunion, which resulted in a daughter, was rejoiced by most of the public. It seems some fans believe these first loves belong together at all cost. The heartbreak they are both soon to face may be exactly the kind of pain that will finally draw them back in.

It is possible, however, that the revelation that baby Sully is actually Christian; the baby everyone thought had died, may be enough, finally, to force Nick to turn his back on Sharon. After all, even if Adam (Justin Hartley) is truly Christian’s biological father, Sharon did keep Sage’s (Kelly Sullivan) son away from her, stealing any time the three had to be a family. Is it time for Nick to come to terms with who Sharon really is?

Vote below and tell us what do you think Y&R fans! Should the powers that be reunite this super couple or do you think they should leave well enough alone? Voice your opinion in the comments below and don’t forget to check back often for the latest “Young and the Restless” spoilers, updates and news.

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  1. Tonya Carswell says

    Yes they should get back together they are meant to be they are first love soul mates

    1. Billyboy says

      Absolutely get them back together. I thought that they were headed backed together when Y&R decided to bring on Kelly (Sage). Sharon gets blamed for everything that happens in Genoa City, I am surprised she has not been blamed for the problems of the United States. Y&R made her a basket case n they have her baby stolen from her than they turn around n have this dumb storyline where Dr Anderson had the baby stolen.But I do agree she needs to come clean. I also think that they should bring Patty back n let her tell what really happen, I feel like that nurse kill Dr Anderson or Sage. I do no think Patty killed her. Paul should have investigated more, she has been trying to tell them about the baby but they ignore her. Get this storyline over with.

      1. Tonya Carswell says

        Party killed Dr.Anderson didn’t you see her stab her an Nick and sharon will get back together they are the perfect couple an they have chemistry an they love an sex ommfg

      2. dante williams says

        i like your name, perfect for Y&R, lol. I wish that they would find some way to get Dylan out of the way, or a recast that has chemistry with the other actors. Steve Burton is extremely bland to the point of stinking on the show, he has no ‘ooomph’ to him, like Billy or Adam, or even his parents Nikki and Paul, or any of his siblings. Sage and Dylan were just in the way of the next generation Nikki and Victor. They showed them together for years and then just made Nick up and cheat, then Sharon is suddenly bi-polar. I know so much has happened between them, even now, but stranger, much stranger stories have happened, so them getting together wouldn’t surprise me and the actors always said it would happen someday, and I believe them. I would like the current writer to be fired or leave because he doesn’t understand the Nick/Sharon dynamic. When they are together, they are ride-or-die, dynamite, like Billy and Victoria. I wish that certain characters would stay together, and conquer their problems together.

  2. Christelle Sage says

    the only person that deserves this crazy is a doctor in Fairview!

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