‘The Young and the Restless’ News: Michael Muhney Working on Deal for New Series – Ex-Y&R Star Tweets About Possible Show

'The Young and the Restless' News: Michael Muhney Working on Deal for New Series – Ex-Y&R Star Tweets About Possible ShowMost “Young and the Restless” fans love Justin Hartley in the role of Adam Newman, but many viewers miss Michael Muhney’s version as well. It’s always tough to say goodbye when recasts come in. You may not get to see Muhney as Adam anymore, but it looks like you could see him on another series in the near future. In a recent tweet, Muhney dropped a few hints about an exciting opportunity.

Muhney said, “Sooooooo close on a deal for a new series! I’m on pins & needles. If not this one, I will find a good show soon. #WorkinOnIt.” It seems Muhney could be signing on the dotted line before long.

'The Young and the Restless' News: Michael Muhney Working on Deal for New Series – Ex-Y&R Star Tweets About Possible ShowAlthough Muhney’s exit from “The Young and the Restless” came with some controversy, it appears he’s putting the past behind him. Numerous soap watchers are anxious to see what Muhney might have in the works. It should be interesting to see what type of show Muhney lands on. He’s a versatile actor, so there are several options. Y&R viewers will undoubtedly be curious about what’s in store.

Muhney’s Twitter followers have certainly been supportive of his efforts to land a new gig. There have been plenty of people wishing Muhney good luck in his endeavor. One user noted, “You are far too talented not to be working. I hope it works out for you!” Another user said, “Best of luck!! Miss seeing you on my TV.”

This is definitely big news for Muhney’s career. We’ll give you updates if we hear anything else about Muhney’s new series or other projects he might be involved in. Stick with Soap Opera Spy to keep up with all your favorite soap stars of the past and present.

So Y&R fans, are you glad to hear Michael Muhney is close to making a deal for a new series? Did you like his portrayal of Adam on “The “Young and the Restless”? Would you be interested in watching whatever show Muhney books? Voice your opinion in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy often for the latest “Young and the Restless” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.

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  1. MaximumUniverse says

    Hope he lands a new gig soon. His new movie, “SEARCH ENGINES”, will debut at the Cinequest Film Festival in San Jose, CA this coming Weekend.

  2. Sherrie Lassiter Petty says

    Even though I do like Justin playing the role of Adam now…..Michael was definitely the best Adam….I truly hope he gets a really good role, he is just to good of an actor to not be acting….I just believe there was more to the story that was told on him at Y & R…..

  3. Ang Self says

    I won’t watch anything with him in it, he’s a pervert, I can’t believe all these people who take up for him, there’s no excuse for what he did!

    1. Pat Nicholl says

      are u sure u know what you r talking about? were u there? hummmmm!

      1. Ang Self says

        no I wasn’t but there’s been too many things said about what he did plus he pulled the same thing on the set of Veronica Mars except they were able to contain the info better than on Y&R which I think it should come out if someone does something like this. He should have gotten worse than just being fired.

        1. Pat Nicholl says

          i dug a little deeper into his story. It seems on VM he was a ass and no one liked him. He leaked the ending of the show so they killed him off earlier then he was supposed to die. On Y&R they didnt like him either. Victor stood behind Summer and they were all happy to see him go. He may be a good actor but hard to like or get along with. Too bad.

          1. Ang Self says

            yeah & there’s alot of stuff that they don’t reveal in news articles & such, alot of stuff was buried. This happens all the time, but girls who worked on the set said that there was more to the stories being told. He got a second chance with Y&R but men like that don’t change as he proved all too well with Hunter King. You might think she’s not a great actress but that has nothing to do with what he did. He’s lucky he just got fired. I hope that if someone does hire him, that he’s learned from his mistakes with these girls & keeps his hands to himself. He should be in jail. It’s more than being hard to get along with. Hey I liked him too as Adam but that doesn’t excuse his bad behaviour.

  4. TAS says

    LOVE his acting, in my opinion he made Adam and can be the only one to properly betray him. I am not one to judge and try to ruin someone’s life on such very shady information that has hardly been proven as true fact on top of no charges, and in this case where the “victim” screams everything BUT innocence. Can’t wait to see his acting again!

  5. Deborah Sampson says

    He’ll always be the best Adam!!! I’d love for them to bring him back!!!

    1. soapoperaspy says

      At this point would love to see him on any soap

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