‘The Young And The Restless’ News: Michael E. Knight Earns ‘Performer Of The Week’ For Portrayal Of Dr. Simon Neville

'The Young And The Restless' News: Michael E. Knight Earns 'Performer Of The Week' For Portrayal Of Dr. Simon NevilleEach week, Soap Opera Spy reveals who we think deserves a mention as the performer of the week. This week, Dr. Neville [Michael E. Knight] is the performer of the week. The week of December 28-January 1, Dr. Simon Neville reeled the fans in—they want to see more of him, and are ecstatic about a romance possibility with fan favorite, Ashley Abbott [Eileen Davidson].

Dr. Neville has become someone whom Ashley trust, not only in business but in her personal life. He is the only person that knows about her devastating brain tumor. He vowed to stay quiet about the medical issues, and promised her if there was a cure to be found, he would find it.

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Dr. Neville has been confronted with feelings for Ashley that he does not exactly understand.  Simon knows they are friendly, but does not have a close personal relationship with her yet. Last week, the aloof doctor went from a back burner character to front and center, showing off his raw talent. He showed the fans that even though it had been some time since he was in a major soap opera, he still has ‘it’ and “Y&R” is lucky to have him.

Going into next week, January 4-8, Dr. Neville will be a bigger part of the show as he rushes to find a cure for Ashley. The doctor and former CEO of Jabot will begin a complicated relationship as  “the Young and the Restless” fans get to know Dr. Neville much better.

Dr. Neville saved Ashley during Abby Newman’s [Melissa Ordway] wedding when he revealed she fainted from a lack of food. His act of kindness towards Ashley set the wheels in motion for a romance possibility.

Soap Opera Spy congratulates Michael E. Knight for his excellent performance during the week of December 28-January 1, 2016.

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