‘The Young And The Restless’ News: Jason Thompson Reveals GH’s Billy Miller Coached Him On Role Of Billy Abbott

'The Young And The Restless' News: Jason Thompson Reveals GH's Billy Miller Coached Him On Role Of Billy Abbott‘The Young and The Restless’ (Y&R) spoilers reveal that Wednesday, January 13 will be when we first see Jason Thompson in Genoa City as he takes on the role of Billy Abbott from the exiting Burgess Jenkins. And Thompson revealed in a new interview that a close GH pal helped him prepare for the role.

Of course you know that before Burgess Jenkins was Billy Abbott, it was Billy Miller in the role – and he’s now over at ‘General Hospital’ playing amnesia-plagued former hit man Jason Morgan. Interestingly, Thompson will get to hang with old Jason – Steve Burton – over at the Y&R set.

Thompson told CBS Soaps in Depth that he chatted with Miller about the role. Every actor works hard to put their own spin on a character – but with soaps, it’s critical to master the history of a character so you don’t alienate long-time fans.

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Thompson told SID that when he talked to Miller about his new role, “he was very open and very cool… so that was fun.” In addition to chatting up his GH co-star for pointers on playing his new role, Thompson went to Jill Farren Phelps and grilled her about Billy.

Thompson and Phelps have had a close relationship for years since it was Phelps who created the role of Patrick Drake on GH and cast Thompson in the part. Even after Phelps left GH for Y&R, the two have stayed in touch.

He reveals he also knows other Y&R cast from interaction at soap awards and other functions. And Thompson was greeted by familiar faces Burton (Dylan McAvoy), his former GH co-worker, and Kelly Sullivan (Sage Newman) from her time as Connie Falconeri on GH.

While the role of Patrick that Thompson just left on GH is a devoted single dad (although he got remarried on his way out of Port Charles), Billy is a loose cannon with a ton of personal issues. But Thompson says that a lot of Billy reminds him of Patrick Drake’s early years in Port Charles.

Patrick was a wild child who didn’t want to settle down, ran amok shagging nurses and getting in mischief while being a brilliant neurosurgeon. Billy has his own streak of brilliance, but is wilder than most with his inveterate gambling, drinking and personal issues.

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Perhaps this near-death crisis will bring out a whole new side of Billy as he wakes from his coma literally a new man. We look forward to seeing what Jason Thompson will do with the part – after a decade in the skin of Dr Patrick Drake, it’s a big adjustment – but he’s got the chops to carry it off.

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    I hope he finds another show that he will be as a good actr as he was on Y&R

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    He has to be billy miller because he was the greatest billy Abbott love his smiles I hope Jason can do it

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