‘The Young and The Restless’ Casting News: Y&R Seeks Full-Time Contract Player Sexy Mid 30-Year Old Named ‘Dean’

'The Young and The Restless' Casting News: Y&R Seeks Full-Time Contract Player Sexy Mid 30-Year Old Named 'Dean'

The latest casting call sent out by ‘The Young and the Restless’ has raised a number of questions. The CBS daytime series is seeking a hottie to play the role of Dean, and he will be in Genoa City for a long time. According to the casting call Y&R seeks to add another contract player to its cast but this time from the Caucasian race.

Y&R is on the hunt for a man in his mid-30s and he surely seems to be one that catches the ladies eyes. Soaps in Depth reports that Dean, the upcoming new character “comes from a wealthy family but has managed to stay humble, ethical, and honest due to having witnessed how greed and ruthless ambition caused the downfall of those around him while he was growing up”.

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The role is a contract role which indicates that Dean will be around for an unforeseeable period. This new role should be filled soon as the soap opera executives expect to start filming at the end of August. While the role is still vacant and nothing is official yet the first air date would tentatively be later this fall.

Typically casting calls will often display a character name that may not be the intended role to fill. We can’t help but wonder if Dean is a cover up name for a role that is actually being recast by ‘The Young and the Restless’. If so, this now poses the question of which established character that is tied to a wealthy family is being recast?

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So daytime fans who would you suggest for the role? Do you someone that fits the criteria that should be hired, whether an established daytime or primetime actor? If this is actually a recast which Y&R role do you think they are trying to fill?

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