The ‘Devious Maids’ Dish On Their Domestic Skills – Who Does The Dishes? Who Does Laundry?

The 'Devious Maids' Dish On Their Domestic Skills - Who Does The Dishes? Who Does Laundry? ‘Devious Maids’ season 4 is underway with more twists and turns for Rosie [Dania Ramirez], Daniela [Sol Rodriguez], Zoila [Judy Reyes], Marisol [Ana Ortiz], Genevieve [Susan Lucci] and newcomer Eva Longoria/Flora. But what do the actresses’ have in common with their on-screen personalities when it comes to domestic abilities?

Dania Ramirez, having grown up in a very small town in the Dominican Republic, can relate to her character Rosie. Growing up with very little money, Dania has been washing dishes and taking care of children her entire life. During a red carpet event for the premiere of ‘Devious Maids’ fourth season, Dania revealed portraying a maid is “not an issue at all.”

Judy Reyes revealed that she can “clean the hell out of anything” but could she do it for a living? Judy revealed that there is no way she could be a maid in real life. The actress does wash dishes but finds herself very Zen-like washing dishes. Thought Judy has an excellent dishwasher she never uses it.

Ana Ortiz says there is absolutely no way she could be a domestic maid as a full-time, real-life job. “I do not think I have the chops to be a good maid. I won’t do a dish, so there’s that, so that might be a problem,” the actress laughed during a red carpet interview. Surprisingly Ana does enjoy doing laundry. Like Judy, who finds doing dishes to be very Zen, Ana finds a Zen-like place doing laundry.

Eva Longoria, who has joined the season 4 cast of ‘Devious Maids’ as herself – and as Flora – joked around about her domestic abilities. “Oh yeah, I’m really great at household things. I’m very domestic. I sew, so I can mend clothes. And, I’m a cook, so I could be a chef.”

And what of the great Susan Lucci’s domestic goddess abilities? Susan is very organized when it comes to loading the dishwasher. Susan is also very good at setting the table. Somehow we don’t see Susan taking on many household chores. The former ‘All My Children’ star keeps busy with her brand on QVC as well as a patron of the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation of NYC.

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