‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Deacon Returns, Catches Quinn With Liam – Helps Her With Crazy Kidnapping Scheme?

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Deacon Returns, Catches Quinn With Liam - Helps Her With Crazy Kidnapping Scheme?‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers show that the crazy Quinn Fuller [Rena Sofer] and Liam Spencer [Scott Clifton] storyline is going to get even weirder soon when Deacon Sharpe [Sean Kanan] comes knocking at the cabin door.

B&B fans had to be stunned when they heard Quinn, on the Thursday February 4 show, tell Liam that she’s his wife and that their names are Adam and Eve. But that nonsense is just the tip of the iceberg that the writers have in store as this plot continues to twist around.

Deacon is due back in LA soon and will come to see his estranged wife Quinn. Deacon will be stunned to find that Quinn has a handsome young guy at her cabin – and more stunned still to find out it’s Liam – her son’s brother whom she has tried to kill more than once.

Quinn can’t have Deacon talking about their marriage when she just told Liam she’s his wife. Lucky for Quinn that Deacon is almost as devious as she is and she’s able to talk him into working with her on the plan to keep Liam in the dark about his identity.

At his mom’s nudging, Wyatt Spencer [Darin Brooks] is moving things along fast with Steffy Forrester [Jacqueline MacInnes Wood] and will soon shock her when he proposes. Quinn will be thrilled and urges him to lock Steffy down and elope before Liam returns.

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Steffy, however, isn’t so sure about saying “I do” hot on the heels of her split with Liam, particularly when she’s only heard from him via text. Steffy wants to talk to Liam, but that’s a problem since Quinn has him hijacked and is feeding him lies.

Deacon and Quinn scheme up something to convince Steffy that she and Liam are 100% done. Will they con Liam into making the call? Or can Deacon somehow fake the call and pretend he’s Liam? Maybe they can record Liam talking and cut together a voice message to send her…

No matter, they come up with something and B&B spoilers indicate this could be enough to push Steffy into taking the plunge with Wyatt – although Bold watches continue to be shocked by the epic speed this relationship is moving when Steffy and Liam are barely over.

Looks like Steffy may go ahead and get hitched to Wyatt – or get intimate with him – or both. B&B spoilers hint that Steffy soon takes a big step with Wyatt that she will later regret. We all know Liam will recover his memories at some point and will be outraged at all of this.

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We have to wonder just how far Quinn will take this scheme with Liam. Now that she’s told him she’s Eve to his Adam and is his wife, will Liam expect Quinn to warm his bed? Will Quinn sleep with Liam to keep him from questioning the “truths” she’s telling him?

And with Deacon helping Quinn carry out this ruse, does that mean they are on the road to a reunion or will this confirm that they are not meant to be? Could Quinn end up falling for Liam even after the ugly truth comes out? With this twisted plot, anything is possible!

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