‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Spoilers: Could Ridge Be Douglas’ Father Despite Dr. Wolin’s Diagnosis?

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoilers: Could Ridge Be Douglas’ Father Despite Dr Wolin Diagnosis?‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers tease that there may be another twist in the story about little Douglas Forrester’s paternity. Could Ridge Forrester [Thorsten Kaye] turn out to be Caroline Spencer’s [Linsey Godfrey] baby daddy after all?

The now-dead Dr Wolin told Ridge that he had zero sperm count and refused to reverse his vasectomy. Ridge took the doc at his word and therefore assumed that Thomas Forrester [Pierson Fodé] had to be the father of Caroline’s baby.

But what if Wolin was wrong? Let’s consider. Even before his death, Wolin was no longer a practicing physician. That doesn’t happen to really good docs, right? Was Wolin a hot mess and a bad doctor as well as a blackmailer? Were his test results wrong?

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But since everyone is working under the assumption that Thomas is the dad, what next? Obviously Thomas wants visitation and some custody rights when it comes to Douglas. But because Ridge is listed on the birth certificate, Thomas will have to establish paternity.

That means a paternity test. Caroline and Ridge will have no choice but to comply with a court order for a test based on his presumption that Thomas is the dad. But will the results surprise them all? It would break Thomas’ heart to be told Douglas is not his son.

However, it would be much better for Ridge and Caroline’s relationship if Douglas was their biological son. No matter what, though, it seems like Thomas and Ridge’s father-son relationship is doomed unless Ridge can find a way to get Thomas to forgive him.

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Even though Thomas made a mistake with Caroline, Ridge and Caroline were not actively together when he slept with her. However, Ridge tried to make it out like Thomas was essentially a rapist and so didn’t deserve any rights with his son.

But Thomas didn’t know Caroline took medication – and both he and Caroline were drinking – it was just a series of unfortunate events. Ridge was just awful to Thomas, though, and it remains to be see if this fissure within the Forresters can be mended.

No matter whose son that Douglas is, this is a huge mess that needs to be cleaned up. Can Caroline and Ridge’s marriage survive? Will Thomas ever trust his father again? What do you think B&B fans? Is Douglas the son of Thomas or Ridge?

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  1. Loretta Gray says

    At first the doctor toldd Ridge he had low motility he did not say zero until he was tryiing to blackmail Ridge. Why did he lose his practice and become such a worm.

  2. Melissa Lowe says

    Please Let it be Ridge’s baby…Him & Caroline are so cute together with their baby. Never seen Ridge look as good with any other woman as he do with Caroline, a Perfect Match. Who cares about how Thomas will feel, Caroline is Ridge beautiful wife so BB should make it right for a change.

  3. KCC says

    I hope it’s Thomas’s baby. Ridge is such an arrogant a$$. I think Caroline hopes so too..

  4. Sarah Fitzgerald says

    I don’t think Douglas can be Ridge’s son. He had a vasectomy that was not reversed AND he has low or zero sperm count. The chances are astronomical against that happening . . . but it is a soap so I won’t be surprised if someone wrote the story that way. Ridge has been an a$$ to Thomas. HE broke up with Caroline and is trying to pretend he didn’t. He excused Caroline but has basically accused Thomas of rape more than once. I haven’t been a fan of Thomas’ but he does not deserve the treatment he has received. I don’t see what Caroline sees in Ridge and I don’t see that he deserves her or the baby. I won’t be surprised to find out that Ridge is responsible for the doctor losing his practice but he could have had other issues we don’t know of yet.

  5. Loretta Gray says

    Dr. Wolin told Ridge in yhe beginning he haf low motility. He fid not say zero until he was out there in the park talking to Ridge. I am thinking with his ego he did not go back and check he was sure of himself so there is still a chance it could be Ridge. Lets just wait and see.

  6. Tali salman‬‎ says

    I think that the Doctor lied to Ridge It will come out soon Ridge is Dougles’s father not Thomas. And Caroline will be pregnant again by Ridge that will be nice and I will be very happy with this story line. Bill is very cruel he lost my respect along time ago and Brook is such a fool Kaite now knows that her merrid life to Bill is not going to last after what he did she trusted him but we all know that he can keep any thing to himself when it comes to Ridge. I hope that Ridge will think of some thing to keep things together and be there for Caroline and the baby.

  7. Roxane Luna says

    I always thought this from the beginning

  8. Karen Morgan says

    The paternity test has to be done to clarify who is the father. I have thought from the very beginning that Ridge was Douglas’s baby daddy. I would hope that the writers Get it right this time. Ridge and Caroline are the super couple of B and B. They have great chemistry that really pulls you into their relationship. It could really be the best story on B and B that they have ever had. The water birth was so real and beautifull to watch their faces as Douglas was born.

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