‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ Spoilers: How Far Will Quinn Go in Her Liam Kidnap Scheme?

'The Bold and The Beautiful' Spoilers: How Far Will Quinn Go in Her Liam Kidnap Scheme?“The Bold and The Beautiful” (B&B) spoilers indicates that Liam Spencer’s [Scott Clifton] life may be at risk with the impromptu kidnapping scheme that Quinn Fuller [Rena Sofer] has set up. Liam obviously has a head injury and Quinn has him out in the middle of nowhere when he should be in the hospital.

Just how far will Quinn take this? We’ve seen Quinn use Liam’s phone to send a diss text to Steffy Forrester [Jacqueline MacInnes Wood] and she’s obviously buying time to give Wyatt Spencer [Darin Brooks] a chance to get cozy with Steffy.

But just how far will Quinn take this? She’s using WebMD to diagnose Liam and tries to wake him, but how long will she leave Liam there unconscious? And if he does wake, how will she explain her actions? How can she rationalize taking him to her mountain cabin instead of the ER?

Quinn is capable of almost anything – after all, she almost tried to kill Liam before – so she’s not trustworthy at this point. Quinn promised an unconscious Liam she would take him to the hospital if got too bad, but how would she know that point? She’s no doctor…


Quinn can use Liam’s phone to send texts to explain his absence to Steffy, Bill Spencer [Don Diamont], and others, but she can’t explain her disappearance from work as well – at least not for a prolonged time. How long before someone notices that both Liam and Quinn are missing at the same time?

Quinn can keep sending texts to Steffy to convince her that Liam is well and truly done with her – but the real problem is what to do with Liam. Is Quinn going to let him linger out of it then dump him at the ER if she gets worried he’s dying?

Is Liam’s brain swelling? Is he in a coma or just passed out? Could Quinn do something awful to Liam like dump his body somewhere if she thinks he’s dying instead of taking him to the ER? Could she put him in his car and drive it off the road?

B&B fans know that Quinn is capable of almost anything and she can go full nutbag at any moment. If Quinn checks in with Wyatt and hears that things are going well with Steffy, Quinn will not want to let Liam go back and interrupt the progress they’re making.

Will Quinn’s body snatching of unconscious Liam turn into a full-on kidnapping? If Liam wakes and wants to go back to LA, she might hold him there against his will. Quinn could tie him up… she could drug him… she could knock him out with a blunt object… there’s really no telling.

At this point, it’s not looking good for Liam since Quinn will be in trouble – with Bill, Wyatt and possibly the law when it’s found out that she took him away from Forrester Creations without his knowledge or consent. It’s obvious that she’s up to no good and there’s no way she can explain her actions.

What do you think B&B fans – will Quinn get Liam the medical help he so desperately needs? Could his life be at risk by her scheming on behalf of Wyatt? Share your thoughts in the comments below and check back with Soap Opera Spy often for more ‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ spoilers and news.

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