‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ Poll: Who Will Get Pregnant First – Quinn Or Steffy? Vote!

'The Bold And The Beautiful' Poll: Who Will Get Pregnant First - Quinn Or Steffy? Vote!‘The Bold and The Beautiful’ (B&B) spoilers tease that there may be baby news soon in the weird plot of Steffy-Wyatt and Quinn-Liam. Remember how Liam Spencer [Scott Clifton] told Quinn Fuller [Rena Sofer] that she’s “glowing?” Does that mean something?

Quinn was all smiles over the news that Wyatt Spencer [Darin Brooks] proposed to Steffy Forrester [Jacqueline MacInnes Wood] and she said yes. But does Quinn have a prenatal glow? Have Quinn and her “Adam” made themselves a baby?  And is there any chance that Steffy might also turn up pregnant?

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B&B fans are torn between loving and hating the Liam-Quinn storyline, but you have to admit it’s compelling – and it just keeps growing more diabolical by the day.  At the start, no one believed Quinn and Liam would get horizontal – but they did. So if you think there’s no way TPTB at B&B would write Quinn a pregnancy, think again. It seems like nothing is off limits with this wild new storyline.  And, nothing would make this whole mess even more complicated than Steffy also turning up pregnant.

If Quinn and Liam had a baby, that child would simultaneously be Wyatt’s nephew and brother as the son of Liam and son of Wyatt’s mother.  Then Steffy’s baby could be Liam’s nephew and Quinn’s grandchild which would technically also make the kid Liam’s step-grandkid if he and Quinn married. Quinn and Steffy both pregnant would turn that family tree into a tangled cross-branchy nightmare.

It’s so terrible to contemplate that we must consider it. Surely the Bold writers already are. They seem intent on making this storyline as catastrophic as possible. Where will they stop? We now know Steffy and Wyatt are going to walk down the aisle – likely at the end of March.

Liam’s memory is still faulty and Quinn’s determined to keep him away from Steffy forever. Plus, Deacon just brought up his and Quinn’s annulment again recently. Could Quinn trick Liam into marrying her under the guise of a renewal of vows? Could this be to celebrate her pregnancy?

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Addled Adam would be thrilled if they made a baby while his alter-ego Liam would be horrified – as would viewers. What do you think B&B fans? Will Quinn or Steffy be pregnant soon to make this tangled plot even more terrible?

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  1. Ang Self says

    NOt Quinn this is bad enough already!

  2. Sarah says

    That’s just gross Quinn n liam together n having a baby that’s even worse.. I’m fixin to quit watchin this show completely. Its gotten to the point where its not interesting its disgusting. New writers r advised or this show will be the next one taken off the air.

  3. Becky says

    You know what writers yall need to STOP sipping on that yak. I don’t understand out all of the years that B&B been on TV.. I’ve never seen anything so mentally unstable. I see why all the original characters left like Stephanie Ridge,Thorne, and Taylor, yall no longer have any boundaries, Actually yall are sick that you can even write something so despicable and downright degrading that who would want to continue too watch it..How low can you go people. I don’t care if this is only a soap. Somebody is really messed up in the mind if their thought process thinks this crazy..

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