‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ News: Linsey Godfrey Is Hilarious In New Video About “Joys Of Motherhood” – Watch It HERE!

'The Bold And The Beautiful' News: Linsey Godfrey IS Hilarious In New Video About "Joys Of Motherhood" - Watch It HERE!Sing it sister! Linsey Godfrey’s (The Bold and the Beautiful) hilarious rant on the “joys” of motherhood is priceless and deliciously spot on! If you have a kid, raised a kid or were a kid you’ll laugh out loud once you hear her rambling list of the perks of living with little ones!

Captioned, “Ohmygodfrey Deep thoughts on motherhood with Linsey..,” it’s the latest in Godfrey’s taped views on being a mom. In her videos Godfrey proves she’s more than a pretty face—she’s a clever comedienne, too!

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Godfrey’s darling daughter Aleda, dad is “The Young and the Restless” star Robert Adamson (Noah Newman), is the subject of her true-life (and good-natured) rants.

Inspired by Godfrey’s observations, her fans add some pretty funny comments of their own: “cleaning up after a toddler is like cleaning up after a party you weren’t invited to,”  “At least you got us for therapy. And the little nugget will have new tests for you coming, prepare the wine!” Giiiiiiirl, it is no better at 5!!! That is why there is wine and bubble baths.”

And one observant fan may have even solved the mystery of where Godfrey’s alter ego, Caroline Spencer, has been: “oh so this is why you haven’t been on the Bold and the Beautiful lately. Need to take time to off to clean your house?” 

Deep thoughts on motherhood with Linsey..

A video posted by Linsey Godfrey (@ohmygodfrey) on

It’s true, sweet Caroline has been absent from Forrester Creations recently, no doubt taking care of baby Thomas. (Do you think she’s getting advice from Godfrey? Just wondering!). Sit tight and stay tuned B&B fans, the good news is that the talented designer can’t remain MIA forever, right?

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