‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ News: Bobbie Eakes Stars In New Movie ‘Distortion’ With John J. York

'The Bold And The Beautiful' News: Bobbie Eakes Stars In New Movie 'Distortion' With John J. York“The Bold and the Beautiful” alum Bobbie Eakes [ex-Macy Alexander], also an alum of “All My Children” [Krystal Carey Chandler], has a starring role in the big screen thriller “Distortion.” John J. York [Mac Scorpio] of “General Hospital” fame has also been cast in the movie.

Bobbie has been cast as Pam Walters and John as Jeffrey Walters. Also look for “The Young and the Restless” alum Corbin Bernsen [Father Todd Williams as Dr. Eli Sutton. “Distortion” was written by Tonya T. Cannon, who portrays Nicole Davis in the film. Mayon Denton, the director of the movie, makes his directorial full-length film debut with “Distortion.”

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“Distortion” is currently in post-production and scheduled for release in 2016. The plot summary of the film describes it as a suspense thriller. A woman wakes up from a three month coma following her family’s brutal murder. She has memories of the night of the horrific tragedy in which she herself was attacked. However, these memories only come back in flashes and the police are unable to use them to catch the killer.

The press discloses that the woman has recovered from the coma – and that information puts her in danger. Whoever attacked her and killed the family now knows the woman did not die. With no solid memories of the night she has no idea whether the killer is a stranger or someone she knows.

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There’s a little something for everyone in this murder mystery suspense thriller. “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “All My Children,” “General Hospital” and “The Young and the Restless” fans will get to see Bobbie Eakes, John J. York and Corbin Bernsen on the big screen. Soap Opera Spy will keep you up-to-date with details of the film’s release date as it becomes available.

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  1. Dawn Copley says

    I love Bobbie Eakes acting and singing in any production. She always gives 100% and is beautiful, talented and full of energy . I miss seein her on TV . It will be nice to see her doing something different too! She is just perfect for this acting gig too ! I wish her the best always and I look forward to seeing this film . ❤️
    Dawn Copley

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