General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Has Terrible Accident, Is Little Jake Involved?

General Hospital Spoilers: Sam Has Terrible Accident, Is Little Jake Involved?‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal that Sam Morgan’s [Kelly Monaco] life will soon be in danger thanks to Jake Spencer [James Nigbor]. Sam decides to try and make peace with Liz Webber [Rebecca Herbst] after their recent spat over Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] – this starts the drama.

But prior to Sam’s drop in visit, Jason will have a sit down with little Jake to tell him that he and Liz are done for good and he won’t ever be moving home. Jason has recovered memories of his life and love with Sam and is ready to try and recover the rest of them through hypnosis.

Jason’s restored memories of love with Sam have finally tipped the scales and outweigh the love he felt for Liz as amnesiac Jake Doe. Jason is ready to move on with his life and move on from Liz. While Jason assures Jake that he’s still his dad and will be around often, that’s not enough.

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Jake wants Jason there with him and his mom as a family. When Jason explains he’s still married to Sam that sets Jake off. Jake will throw an epic tantrum that horrifies both Liz and Jason, but neither will anticipate the lengths Jake goes to next.

Leading up to the Sam danger incident, Liz does get a warning that something like this might be brewing, but she ignores it. Liz has been almost intentionally ignorant of what’s going on with her son. Laura Spencer [Genie Francis] has told her for months that he needs help.

And now that Liz finally got him some therapy, she’ll ignore the diagnosis. Franco [Roger Howarth] will tell Liz that Jake is disturbed and potentially dangerous but Liz will not want to hear it – particularly from Franco, someone whom she still sees as disturbed and dangerous himself.

When Sam comes to Liz’s house to discuss them coexisting peacefully, she won’t find Liz but then follows a noise searching for her. GH spoilers video reveals that evil little Jake will lure Sam to the basement stairs where Sam will take a potentially deadly tumble.

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Although Jake seems to be intentionally luring Sam downstairs, her fall stuns then pleases him because that makes it easier for him. Looks like he will lock her in the basement – possibly concealing her (or even tying her up) while she’s unconscious.

This gets Sam out of the way. In Jake’s mind, Sam is the only obstacle to his parents being together since Jason and Liz opted to not tell Jake about Liz’s lies so that he isn’t further hurt. This strategy had the best of intentions, but also led Jake to think Sam caused his parents to split.

It will be Jason that rescues Sam – and his saving her life, yet again, may spark more memories of their love together. In fact, it could lead Sam and Jason to get much closer than before. Jake’s antics may have the opposite result of what he intended and Jason could reunite with Sam soon.

After this incident, Jason and Liz will realize they have a very disturbed child on their hands and will have to figure out what to do with him. After Jason’s rescue of Sam, GH spoilers indicate he’ll sit by her hospital bed and decide he’s ready to move forward with her because he can’t lose her again.

What do you think GH fans? Do you think Jake intended to kill Sam or just get her out of the way so his parents could be together? How far will Jake go? Share your comments below and check back with Soap Opera Spy every day for more ‘General Hospital’ spoilers.

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  1. Carol says

    I think Jake meant to hurt Sam and i believe
    Helena has done a job on his mind to make him so mean and evil. Either she did something to him or he is a bad actor. I still don’t believe its Jake but someone else she had programmed.

  2. Lexx says

    I think that kid isn’t even Jake . Helena messed with his brain and created a monster . I believe Jake really is still dead ,why didn’t dumb lying Liz do blood tests or anything to really make sure that kid is really Jake . I hope Jason figures everything out and saves Sam fast and they can be together like it really should be ,and Liz can find a new love interest and the fake Jake will be found out and all will be fine with Jasam !!

    1. Lori Hall says

      Patrick did run a DNA test on him when he first came home.

      1. donna says

        patrick never did any dna or blood work or any other test on jacob martin spencer. he just checked him over, just routine. lizzard wouldn`t take him to any other dr who probably would have done those things

  3. Pamela Milton says

    I personally believe “little demon child” is Jake but that Helena messed with his mind and turned this child into a maniac! Heck the Cassadines are pure evil! Look even Nicholas is turning bad!

  4. Dorisnshipp says

    Of course all these plots have been leading up to the child intentionally hurtingor killing Sam so the next route should be to get him some help in an institution where he can’t hurt anyone.

  5. Sara Johnson says

    Of course he did! I’m glad its gonna back fire though! Instead of putting his mom and dad together he just made his dad have stronger feelings for his wife ya! cant wait! jasam forever!!

  6. Kathy says

    I heard that this Jake is a clone of the real Jake Spencer. Helena got the DNA when his kidney’s were donated to Josslyn. That explains how he got to Cassadine Island. He was created in Helena’s lab.

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