‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Mystery Woman Arrives -More Danger Lurks On Cassadine Island – Jason And Sam Make Their Move

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Mystery Woman Arrives -More Danger Lurks On Cassadine Island - Jason And Sam Make Their MoveGeneral Hospital spoilers tease that there is much more danger that lurks on Cassadine Island. The gang on Cassadine Island remains under lock and key as they continue to stare down several gun barrels.

Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) seemingly already did away with Nikolas Cassadine (Nick Stabile) as we seen him fly out the window yet again. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom) was shot as he tried to save Laura Spencer ( Genie Francis) from a bullet that was meant for her. Kevin remains lying on the floor bleeding out. Will he make it? It yet remains to be seen.

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According to Soap Opera Digest magazine “Valentin remains quite dangerous and has more plans for the future as far as all those witnesses are concerned,” shares Co-Head writer Shelly Altman. “He’s been denied a lot in his life…He’s going to take everything Nikolas has and if these other people are in the way, he’s going to improvise. And for him, it’s going to be fun!”

GH spoilers tease that we will see a lot more chaos break out on Cassadine Island and guns will be a blazing. Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan) already tripped over a corpse as she tried to make an escape through the tunnels. Will Lulu keep going or will she stop to try to figure out who the remains belong to?

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As the chaos is breaking out downstairs on Cassadine Island, it’s time for Jason Morgan ( Billy Miller) and Sam McCall ( Kelly Monaco), who are upstairs, to remain calm and make their move. Jason and Sam will make a stunning discovery but will they be able to save everyone on the Island? We sure have seen the two come together in the past and save the day more than once!

GH spoilers also tease that a mystery woman will appear on the Island. Who will she be and what will she be after? I guess we will see as we get ready for another week full of action packed scenes on Cassadine Island.

Stay tuned to General Hospital it’s a week you don’t wanna miss. Don’t forget to check often with Soap Opera Spy for all your General Hospital spoilers, updates, news and more.

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