‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Is Nikolas Coming Back – Genie Francis Wants Her Son BACK!

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Is Nikolas Coming Back - Genie Francis Wants Her Son BACK!Is Prince Nikolas Cassadine about to return from the dead on, “General Hospital?” He will if his onscreen mother, Genie Francis (Laura Spencer), has her way!

GH fans saw Nikolas perish in dramatic fashion this summer, but as we all know, soap opera deaths are very negotiable! And because of that, Francis has been very vocal about her desire to have her onscreen son back in Port Charles.

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Francis is so determined to have her son back in the fold that she’s not picky about which version shows up! Two actors played the part of Nikolas Cassadine this summer. Tyler Christopher was the de facto Nikolas until protracted contract negotiations caused him to step down from the role.

Enter Nikolas Cassadine 2.0, Nick Stabile! The former “Passions” star was originally set to be a temporary recast while Christopher focused on nailing down his contract. Unfortunately, Christopher and the show did not reach a contract agreement.

But there was a silver lining amidst the instability; GH fans really, really liked Stabile in the role of the dark prince! In fact, they still bombard social media with pleas for him to return to the canvas.

Will the fans have their way in regard to this casting call? It wouldn’t be unprecedented! After all, TPTB at, “General Hospital,” actually reversed a decision to delete a character after fans launched an all-out revolt.

When it was announced that Rebecca Herbst (Liz Webber) would be released from GH, fans went ballistic and the decision was quickly rescinded. Power to the people!

Stabile himself is on record as being open to a GH return, so that wouldn’t be a problem. And Francis has been quoted as saying that she enjoyed working with him.

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Will Francis’ wish for her son’s homecoming come true? Stay tuned, GH fans, you never know what’s just around the corner!

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    1. Renee Turyna says

      Omg, definitely look related! Agreed! I did not care for the last replacement.

  1. Theresa says

    Tyler is the only one who can play Nicholas and I didn’t care for the temporary replacement. There is alot of GH fans that want Tyler back I even signed the petition for his return.

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