‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Claudette Arrives In Port Charles With An Agenda – Applies For Job With Maxie At Crimson

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Claudette Arrives In Port Charles With An Agenda - Applies For Job With Maxie At Crimson‘General Hospital’ spoilers reveal that an interview with Crimson brings Claudette [Bree Williamson] to Port Charles. Maxie Jones [Molly Burnett] and Dillon Quartermaine [Robert Palmer Watkins] will conduct the interview but will know the blonde mystery woman only as CJ.

CJ – Claudette – is Nathan West’s [Ryan Paevey] ex-wife. Does she know Maxie is Nathan’s fiancé? Will Claudette reveal her identity to Maxie and Dillon or will Nathan be the one to discover his ex-wife is in town?

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Poor Claudette has been trouble finding work and working at Crimson would be the perfect job for the blonde beauty. ‘GH’ spoilers say Claudette has an interest in Nina Clay [Michelle Stafford] and is eager to work with the fashion magazine maven.

It won’t take long before CJ is exposed as Claudette and she’s not in Port Charles to make nice with Nathan. In fact, Claudette has an agenda and if Nathan doesn’t play along she could make Maxie’s fiancé’s life very miserable.

As Nathan’s ex-wife Claudette knows a lot of things about him, things he may not Maxie to ever find out. ‘General Hospital’ spoilers tease that Claudette has the power to turn Nathan’s world upside-down. Will Nathan and Maxie’s relationship be a victim of Claudette’s scheming?

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There is no way Claudette is coming to Port Charles to give Nathan and Maxie’s marriage her blessing. No one is sure what information Claudette plans to reveal. What fans do know is that Claudette is a naughty girl with an agenda.

‘General Hospital’ viewers will need to wait just a little bit longer to find out what Claudette has planned. Bree Williamson’s first appearance as Claudette was scheduled for Friday, July 1. Because ABC preempted ‘GH’ in June to carry Muhammad Ali’s funeral Claudette’s arrival will take place instead on Tuesday, July 5.

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