‘General Hospital’ spoilers: Anna Learns Paul is the GH KILLER – Can She Save Tracy in Time – A Father-Son Murder Confrontation?

'General Hospital' spoilers: Anna Learns Paul is the GH KILLER - Can She Save Tracy in Time - A Father-Son Murder Confrontation?‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers indicate that Tracy (Jane Elliott) may be Paul’s (Richard Burgi) next victim since he is beginning to suspect that Tracy has figured out his secret – that he is the GH serial killer.

Tracy does indeed know about Paul being the serial killer as GH viewers saw in the episode that aired on September 28th, Tracy learned that Paul’s daughter Susan (Alina Patra) was transferred to a mental institution. Tracy’s curiousity of course was spiked and she went to the facility to pay her a visit not knowing that her father was in her room at that very moment. Tracy’s timing could not have been worse!

Tracy heard Paul confess to all the recent GH murders that he has committed to his own daughter. Tracy attempted to get away but got cornered by Paul. Of course, it did not appear as if he was onto her but that soon changed as Tracy’s fear of him began to increase once he lured her to a cabin for “dinner”. Paul then suddenly figured out everything; that Tracy had learned his shocking secret.

Paul locked Tracy in as Anna (Finola Hughes) was back in his room at the Metrocourt, searching for clues and was shocked to find the same cufflink that the killer was wearing when the murders were committed as described by Jordan (Vinessa Aintoine) as she was visiting the Drake family in California.

Anna realized at that moment who the killer was- Paul! Meanwhile, back at the cabin, Paul has Tracy trapped and is coming unspooled, fearing that she knows he is the killer and has every intention of killing Tracy to shut her up just as he did with Sabrina Santiago (Teresa Castillo, ex-Sabrina) once she learned the truth about him.

Will Anna connect the dots in time to save Tracy from Paul? Will Anna realize that Tracy is in danger at all? SoapCentral spoilers indicate that emotions will run high by Friday and Dillion will have an emotional confrontation with a certain someone, will Dillion confront his father and be the one to save his mother’s life or will he and Anna arrive too late only to discover yet another grisly murder scene? Stay tuned to see what happens this week on General Hospital!

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  1. Teresa DeWitt says

    If they kill off Tracey, I am done with the show.

    1. susan says

      i think that everyone will be done with the show…

      that will be the write that breaks the camel’s back

      they know that they made a mistake with killing sabrina…so if they go and kill another popular character then……..we will have no more gh…at all

  2. susan says

    i sure hope that she’ll get to tracy in time

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