‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: A Mob Hit Backfires- Will Sonny Be Left Standing Alone, Corinthos Family Turns On Him? (GH Promo)

'General Hospital' Spoilers: A Mob Hit Backfires- Will Sonny Be Left Standing Alone, Corinthos Family Turns On Him? (GH Promo)GH spoilers tease that things are about to get crazy on General Hospital as Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) has to suffer from the consequences of his actions. The lives of the Corinthos Clan is about to be turned upside down.

According to the newest ABC General Hospital video promo “A mob hit Backfires in the worst possible way.” Sonny Corinthos called off the hit he put out on Julian Jerome (William DeVry) but unfortunately he was a little too late and now will have to pay for his actions in the worst way possible.

Recently we saw Morgan Corinthos (Bryan Craig) getting out of Julian’s car which he had stolen and when he stepped out it blew sky high. So now will Sonny’s actions cost him the life of his son?

With Sonny putting this in motion he will now have repercussions to deal with. General Hospital spoilers tease that after Sonny’s family learns of what went down they will start questioning Sonny and being upset with him would be an understatement of the way they will feel. Carly (Laura Wright) is going put her foot down and this just may be the icing on the cake for what it takes for her to leave her mobster husband.

In the video you see Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell) very upset with his father and screaming at him saying “you put the whole thing in motion!” Will this be enough for Michael to turn his back on Sonny for good this time?

We all know Bryan Craig recently announced he was leaving GH so this could very well be the way of writing his character off the show, then again anytime there is an explosion involved the character always seems to come back with a new face. So he could be recast. I guess we shall see hopefully sooner than later which it is going to be.

So GH fans do you think Sonny will be left standing alone after his family learns of his actions? Could this be enough for Sonny to decide to get out of the mob or will he spiral out of control and go after Julian yet again? Stay tuned to ABC’s General Hospital to find out.

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