‘General Hospital’ RUMORS: Tom Out For Revenge? Could Alexis Be His NEXT Rape Victim?

'General Hospital' RUMORS: Tom Out For Revenge? Could Alexis Be His NEXT Rape Victim?‘General Hospital’ (GH) rumors tease that Tom, (Don Harvey) could be targeting Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) for revenge. But, how far will he go with his scheme against Alexis? Would he rape her as he did Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst) back in the day?  You might ask, “why, would Tom target Alexis of all people?”

Let’s go back in time a bit; Tom was convicted for extortion and blackmail that he ran on Emily Quartermaine (Amber Tamblyn)  back in 1998.  But, did many of you know that Alexis assisted in prosecuting the case, which is why Tom was sentenced to 20 years? Alexis could be headed for more trouble if this is the case. Why hasn’t Alexis recognized Tom by now? Being drunk certainly, doesn’t help her clarity.

In the recent episode of ‘General Hospital,’ Alexis was seen drinking, once again, at a bar and Tom approached her and served another drink to Alexis. Was the drink he served her laced with something or will Alexis end up sleeping with Tom and live to regret it? At this point, Alexis has no idea that this man is Tom or what his past is with her or even what this man was once capable of.

As GH viewers saw in the recent episode of GH, Tom proclaimed to Franco (Roger Howarth) that he was a changed man since the day he raped Elizabeth when she was only 15-years-old.  But, has he really? I would say no—but it certainly was convincing to the Pentonville Parole Board.  In regards to Alexis, why doesn’t Alexis   recognize Tom? It doesn’t appear like her memory has gone that far back yet. When all is over and done with, just how bad could this situation really get? Certainly—not the way fans will expect! Now would be a good time for Julian Jerome (William DeVry) to intervene and save Alexis now more than ever. What do you think GH viewers, do you think Tom Baker is a changed man or was it nothing more than his best con yet? Stay tuned!

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Tom’s Trial in 1998:

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