General Hospital Rumor: Is Bryan Craig Returning to GH As Morgan Corinthos?

General Hospital Rumor: Is Bryan Craig Returning to GH As Morgan Corinthos? It was not so long ago when General Hospital’s Bryan Craig made the announcement that he was leaving the show. Then we all witnessed what appeared to be his character Morgan Corinthos getting blown away by a car bomb.

Recently a cryptic tweet made by Bryan Craig has fans speculating his return. Bryan Craig tweeted “People need to calm haha. I’ll come through again and pick up right where I left off.” So could it be that he will be making a return? Anything is possible.

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As we all know they held a funeral for Morgan Corinthos but of course there was no body. The GCPD was never able to recover a body and when there’s no body that is definitely a reason to think a character would be returning and not actually deceased.

On Halloween Morgan briefly returned as a ghost and was a figment of his father Sonny Corinthos’s (Maurice Benard) imagination, but hopefully this does mean he won’t returning as ghost again and we will have the real deal back. Would you like to see Bryan Craig make a return to GH?

How do you GH viewers feel since Morgan’s supposed death? Do you feel like his character is needed back on the show? He is definitely missed. It would be great if Ava Jerome (Maura West) would hurry up and get busted for tampering with Morgan’s medication. If he comes back as a ghost again maybe he could haunt her until she confesses. Would you like to see that happen?

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The Corinthos family would be over the moon if Morgan showed back up in Port Charles. It would definitely help mend some relationships. If he does make a return maybe they could play it that he disappeared after the bomb explosion and seeked treatment. He could come back a stronger person ready to take on the world.

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  1. Laura Champlain says

    What the heck happened to Laura & Kevin getting a storyline?! It’s so disgusting when so many fans love a couple but because their not Sonny,Carly or Ann their storyline really isn’t. You get to see them every 2-3 weeks maybe once or twice. I so disappointed that from the looks of it. Laura will give Kevin a difficult time is committing her true love for him and we’ll see him finally having enough of it and leave. I see no forthcoming story for Genie let alone Kevin on #GH There like a fill-in amongst the other characters only. Hell they gave Nell a whole front storyline with Sonny & Carly and she just came on the show in the last couple of months. If Laura is left spinning as just a mother and a non committed partner to Kevin theirs really no point watching. She at least had scenes with Nikolas who she so wants to return. He’s so important to her storyline as well as many others on screen. Theirs so much sexiness and great acting between Jon Linstrom & Genie Francis I feel their not being used much especially poor Kevin. Genie even is under contract and has hardly been used. I’m giving it a little longer to see if anything new breaks as all there is now is the LuLu/Valentin with their daughter which is just a confusing storyline. I see nothing else on the horizon for L&K so if nothing changes soon I’m not going to watch anymore if they break them up. #GH is such a disappointment!

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