‘General Hospital’ RUMOR: Alexis’ Drinking Has Dire Consequences? A Hit and Run? Will Julian Cover For Her?

'General Hospital' RUMOR: Alexis' Drinking Has Dire Consequences? A Hit and Run? Will Julian Cover For Her?
‘General Hospital’ (GH) RUMORS tease that Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) will soon find herself in over her head when it comes to her drinking problem. GH viewers have noticed for the past few weeks, that Alexis is spiraling out of control it started with Julian’s (William DeVry) acquittal and then her suspension from practicing law for a whole year.

It seems each time Alexis is on-screen, we are seeing Alexis coping with her life with the help of liquor or wine, even her daughter, Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) has noticed her constant need to drink. Of course, Sam has reached out to her mother and confronted her over it but apparently, Alexis always finds a way to explain her drinking to whoever shows concern. Rumors are swirling around that  her drinking problems will only get worse as we get into the month of November.

It’s being speculated by GH fans that Alexis will have one too many drinks soon and will end up hitting someone with her car. The rumor mill is claiming that this person is none other than Hayden Barnes (Rebecca Budig). Apparently, Julian will get wind of the accident and rushes to Alexis and offers to take the rap for her. Why would Julian do such a thing? Is he trying to

Why would Julian do such a thing? Is he trying to woo her back into his web? After all, it is only fair that he cover up for her since she has taken the rap for him in so many ways since she has been with him. She lost her law license, covered up two murders that he committed and became tormented after the tragic scene on the docks when Julian pulled a knife on her and forced her down to the docks with every intent on killing her.

No doubt, their relationship has reached a dead end. If Julian ends up covering for Alexis, will she come to a shocking realization? Could Alexis discover that she still loves her husband, the man that tried to kill her? If this were to happen, how would Sonny (Maurice Benard) react or her daughters, especially Sam?

This decision no doubt would have her family and friends worrying about her safety and state of mind. What do you think General Hospital fans? Do you think Julian will be the one to ride to Alexis’ rescue with no strings attached or will he use what she has done to emotionally blackmail her back into his life? Stay tuned!

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  1. Jai says

    I don’t believe that’s a good reason for Alexis to take Julian back. The relationship is ruined move forward, not backwards.

      1. Jai says

        Let see, Julian held a knife to Alexis throat, intent to kill. No matter how Julian helps/save Alexis, its not enough for to rekindle the relatatioship.

        The writers should be encouraging women to leave abusive men. Not, stay with a man, because they’re good looking, or the fans think they have good chemistry.

  2. Allison Mynamehere says

    lol taken the ‘wrap’ for her? Really guys?? the “wrap” and not the ‘rap’???

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