‘General Hospital’ RUMOR: Billy Miller’s Jason Morgan An Imposter? Steve Burton To Return As The REAL Stone Cold?

'General Hospital' RUMOR: Billy Miller’s Jason Morgan An Imposter? Steve Burton To Return As The REAL Stone Cold?“General Hospital” (GH) rumors tease the possibility that the real Jason has not yet surfaced in Port Charles. Sure, it’s a soap and as many know anything can change at any time. Due to the recent turn of events with Steve Burton (Dylan MacAvoy) exiting “The Young & The Restless” towards the end of December 2016, there are many ways this could actually work.

General Hospital viewers and many internet sources are buzzing that the man who once called himself Jake Doe (Billy Miller) isn’t Jason after all, could he actually be an imposter? After all, when Billy Miller’s portrayal of Jason began, it was revealed that Helena (Constance Towers) kidnapped him. There is no telling what went on while Jason was on Cassadine Island and what actually transpired was not completely revealed to viewers.

As we know, it is not out of the realm of possibility that the actual Jason is still out there. “GH” viewers knew that as long as Burton was on “The Young and Restless,” this would not happen but, with the news that Burton was leaving the CBS soap, the story possibilities in Port Charles are now wide open for a shocking return into his previous role as the real Jason Morgan.

Many soap viewers know that this storyline is entirely possible, it was done on “One Life to Live” with Todd Manning. Then on “Days of our Lives,” when an imposter pretended to be Jack Black and he turned out to be a fake. Most recently on ‘The Young and Restless”  when Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) had a look-alike who was hired by Victor Newman (Eric Braeden). This storyline could just as easily work on “General Hospital.”

Could the man that Sam (Kelly Monaco) has reunited with as her not-dead, long-lost husband NOT really be her husband at all? If this is true, who is he really and if he is an imposter, what is his agenda?

This no doubt would rock the world of everyone that has come to love the new Jason, played by Billy Miller. So, what do you think General Hospital fans? Could this be a possibility in the near future? How would you feel about this?

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  1. Teresa DeWitt says

    I love Billy Miller as Jason. He is much closer to Jason before his accident that injured his brain. Why would you want Steve Burton who never seems happy wherever he is.

      1. Kenny Stevens says

        You mean the post-accident Jason… right?
        I don’t have anything against Billy. I just don’t think he was right for this role. Jason was never ‘soft and cuddly’ and was always too quiet (kept us all guessing!!) whereas Billy is almost the complete opposite. It was wrong to even attempt a ‘stand-in’ of any caliber.
        To bring him back, have ‘Billy’ develop post-operative problems…
        physical and psychological, have him readmitted to the hospital, and gradually have him revert back to the good-ol’ Jason.

  2. BigRedEO says

    Dear gawd NO!!! Steve Burton can’t act! Boring wooden man!! Like watching a robot. Please don’t let this happen!!!

    1. Kenny Stevens says

      DUH!! Where do you think he got the nickname “Stone Cold”?

  3. Betty says

    I love Billy Miller as Jason. Steve Burton said goodbye to GH well goodbye Steve B. don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

  4. Katie Stevens says

    I think it’s absurd. BM has done an amazing job and I didn’t think I’d like anyone but Steve in the role but Billy Miller has crushed it. His chemistry with everyone especially with Sam is phenomenal. Steve chose to leave and as much as I miss him it was his choice to go and I don’t think Billy Miller should be tossed aside bc he changed his mind..probably bc Y&R has Steve doing lame stories. I don’t want everything BMs Jason has been through with Sam and his kids, the Q’s and the Corinthos family to have been a sham bc I loved it all. If u are going to replace Billy Miller with Steve Burton don’t do it this way make him want his face back and write that in but don’t make Billy Miller’s time here count for nothing.

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