‘General Hospital’ Poll: Who Was The Best ‘GH Couple Of 2015? Vote Now!

'General Hospital' Poll: Who Was The Best 'GH Couple Of 2015? Vote Now!

‘General Hospital’ saw great joy in 2015, great sadness, departures, arrivals and loads of drama. But Port Charles would be nothing without the romance. Here’s a look at our 10 favorite romances of 2015. Check out the list, vote in the POLL then share your comments below!

#1 Liz and Jason

The latest iteration of Liason has been polarizing for fans. Many love Liz Webber (Rebecca Herbst) and Jason Morgan [Billy Miller] together and think they are destined to be coupled. Others hate her and think she stole Jason from Sam Morgan [Kelly Monaco]. Liz did keep Jason with her by telling lies – even though she was motivated by love. But you have to admit, their chemistry was white-hot!

'General Hospital' Poll: Who Was The Best 'GH Couple Of 2015? Vote Now!

#2 Sonny and Carly

Sonny Corinthos [Maurice Benard] and Carly Corinthos [Laura Wright] have been hot and cold over the years, and even when they weren’t together, the passion and fireworks were undeniable. Their fifth wedding was the sweetest yet with Sonny in his wheelchair, opening up to Carly, and being vulnerable when he was struggling because he felt like less of a man. It looks like he’s never been better.

'General Hospital' Poll: Who Was The Best 'GH Couple Of 2015? Vote Now!

#3 Lucas and Brad

Lucas Jones [Ryan Carnes] and Brad Cooper [Parry Shen] are a sweet, sexy and fun couple. Too bad they can’t get married thanks to Brad’s secret wife Rosalie Martinez [Linda Elena Tovar]. This year they had a proposal, nearly broke up over the wife reveal when Lucas found out they can’t get married, then managed to work through it and are working towards a future together. Aww…

'General Hospital' Poll: Who Was The Best 'GH Couple Of 2015? Vote Now!

#4 Hayden and Nikolas

Hayden Barnes [Rebecca Budig] came to town as a fake wife and now she’s playing house with Nikolas Cassadine [Tyler Christopher] and also playing dangerous games with the Cassadine heir. Somewhere along the way, though, Nik fell for the volatile vixen but she’s been keeping him at arm’s length. They’ve been building steam for weeks and will explode in a sexy – or violent – way before too long.

'General Hospital' Poll: Who Was The Best 'GH Couple Of 2015? Vote Now!

#5 Nina and Franco

Nothing is cuter than when a reformed serial killer and 20 year coma victim turned kidnapper find romance in each other’s arms. Franco [Roger Howarth] is everything that Nina Clay [Michelle Stafford] needs. Silas Clay [Michael Easton] rejected her and cheated, but Franco is willing to go to jail for her. Fingers crossed when they finally consummate, Nina gets knocked up with a Franco fetus…

'General Hospital' Poll: Who Was The Best 'GH Couple Of 2015? Vote Now!

#6 Alexis and Julian

Alexis Davis [Nancy Lee Grahn] has kept Julian Jerome [William deVry] out of jail, but she couldn’t keep her baby daddy and mob boss out of her bed and her heart. Julian proved his love when he gave up the mob for Alexis and then bought them a love nest. She even stood by him while he welcomed a new baby into his life from a one night stand. Julexis is a couple that seem to belong together.

'General Hospital' Poll: Who Was The Best 'GH Couple Of 2015? Vote Now!

#7 Nathan and Maxie

Since Maxie Jones [Kirsten Storms] came home to find him as an unexpected tenant in her apartment, the sexual tension between Nathan West [Ryan Paevey] and the fashionista was palpable. Nathan rescued Maxie from evil Levi and it’s been game on ever since. They stayed strong while their BFF’s marriage fall apart and got past Maxie mulling reuniting with Damien Spinelli [Bradford Anderson].

'General Hospital' Poll: Who Was The Best 'GH Couple Of 2015? Vote Now!

#8 Patrick and Sam

Patrick Drake [Jason Thompson] may be a top neurologist, musically talented, and hot as heck, but he’s got the worst luck with women. Robin Scorpio [Kimberly McCullough] ran off then came back long enough to ruin his relationship with Sabrina Santiago [Teresa Castillo]. Sam and Patrick were solid until Jason came back and then it all fell apart. But it was magic while it was lasted…

'General Hospital' Poll: Who Was The Best 'GH Couple Of 2015? Vote Now!

#9 Sam and Jason

Sam and Jason have had a series of near-misses since he came back. He was supposed to kill her on Helena Cassadine’s [Constance Towers] but couldn’t and then once he got the chip out of his brain, he and Sam became pals. When Sam and Jason finally kissed, a legion of fans cheered but then he put the brakes on because of Liz. Now that Liz’s lies are out, will Jason finally go back to Liz?

'General Hospital' Poll: Who Was The Best 'GH Couple Of 2015? Vote Now!

#10 Sabrina and Michael and Carlos 

Sabrina has had a couple of hot romances this year. Carlos Rivera [Jeffrey Vincent Parise] knew he had to skip town but had to see Sabrina before he left. And even though she was starting up with Michael Quartermaine [Chad Duell], Sabrina indulged in a farewell shag with Carlos that resulted in a pregnancy. Carlos loves her and Michael loves her but which romance will fall apart over the baby drama?

Who was your favorite Port Charles romance this year? Vote in the POLL below and share your thoughts in the comments below. And check back with Soap Opera Spy often for tons of ‘General Hospital’ spoilers, gossip and news.

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  1. Lia says

    Jason and Sam weren’t even a couple in 2015!!!!!

    1. Susan MacJett says

      Liz and Jason not couple!But Liz and Jake were, I see you are trying to pull another fast one. Also Liz and Jake ratings were low as usual! They have never worked but BH cannot do couples!JJ made L&L,after that not,nothing!As of now Jake is stillJake mentally but now he is Jason,and he is all up on Sam!They are hot!

    2. Diane Smothers says

      Liason was not a couple either!That was Liz and Jake,NOT Jason!Don’t get it twisted!

      1. Nan says

        About as real as Jason and Sam as a couple in 2015….considering she was with Patrick the whole time. Jason and Sam were never a couple in 2015 and still are not a couple at this point!

  2. Rainbowsmom says

    How can Sam and Jason even be on here as a couple – they are NOT one on the show. Sam has been with Patrick this year.
    So therefore this has to be a rigged poll.
    Honesty does count if you want people to believe what you put out.

    1. Carmen says

      I agree. Sam and Jason were nothing but friends in 2015. And no surprise their fan base is cheating already

  3. LaShaunda says

    That is NOT Love! Ric lied to keep Liz by having someone pretend to be his wife and she goes in a rant about it wasn’t love and you don’t lie to someone you love. Liz was angry that Ric took away her choices that’s what she did to Jason times a thousand. That’s what she did to Sam,Danny,Monica,Micheal,Patrick,Emma,Sonny,Carly and so many other family members of Jason because “it was her time” NOT “OUR Time” BUT “HER Time”. Yeah sure “love”.? Less than 15 minutes after her fake high and mighty, jacked up Halo wearing Moral highness and the righteous indignation nut of Port Charles that she pretends to be does exactly what Ric did and much much worse to Jason and everyone keeps saying she did it for love! ? It’s the same people who bashed Ric for his lies and bashed Hayden for being part of that lie. Yet Liz gets a pass because what she did to Jason was for “love”?! Obviously there are a lot of people who don’t know what real love is. It’s so sad that people actually believe what Liz did was love related. Love isn’t cruel or selfish and what Liz did was both in hundreds of ways!

    1. LJ says

      Better a Lie of Love (to a man that kept saying the past DIDN’T MATTER) – than thinking that watching a child get kidnapped and threatening a mother and two little boys with guns was really a “moment of weakness”…seriously….if we are going to weigh the SINS of the characters Sam has the chains of Marley hanging around her neck and doesn’t even know what love is let alone ever felt it for anyone.

  4. Ash says

    Neither Carlos and Sabrina not Jason and Sam were a couple in 2015. So why are they options?

    1. Freda says

      Jason and Sam were not a couple in 2015? So why are they choice? it just give JaLammers another poll to cheat. its amazing how in minutes there numbers go up. The funny things is do they really thing people are that stupid and can’t tell they cheat?

  5. Natasha says

    Not a valid poll if you’re listing couples who were NOT together in 2015 like Jason & Sam.

  6. Destiny says

    Um… I see all these Jason & Sam weren’t even a couple in 2015, NEWSFLASH THEY ARE MARRIED they will ALWAYS be a couple, And that’s the couple I vote for JASON & SAM!

  7. Belle says

    Sam was not with Jason. Those votes shouldn’t count!

  8. eleanor says

    How is this fair just because I’m voting so many times does not mean I have to be kicked out, the only reason I can think of its because of the Liason have to be high on top.

    1. Judy says

      Voting too many times is called CHEATING!! It can not be that hard to figure out why you were supposedly kicked out….what and idiot.

      1. Judy says

        And then trying to blame it on Liasion on top of cheating is pathetic

  9. eleanor says

    This is not fair to anybody that wants to vote, just because I voted for Jason & Sam and the votes are high does not mean that you have to kick anybody off the poll unless it says vote once or twice but it doesn’t say anything like that.

    1. Kristy says

      You Jasam fans always mega vote multiple times on all the polls. How funny that you are mad because you were not allowed to vote over and over again on this poll

  10. Laura says

    I will take Elizabeth’s Lie for Love over A kidnap watching, gun child threatening, 5 marriages for money (hey that’s prostitution folks) con-woman EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK!! I truly enjoyed the Elizabeth and Jake story and was sorry they went to the OOC actions of both characters.
    Sam is a wonderful VILLAIN and no amount of whitewash can ever make her a believable hero.

  11. Angela says

    Carly & Sonny & Jason & Sam are my top couples but I just love, love, love Sabrina with both Carlos & Michael but especially Michael, they are a great couple so I had to vote for them! Am anticipating their reunion!

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