‘General Hospital’ News: Matt Cohen Shares Cute Video With Son Macklin – Watch Here!

'General Hospital' News: Matt Cohen Shares Cute Video With Son Macklin - Watch Here!For “General Hospital” fans, even with limited dialogue, Matt Cohen (Dr. Griffin Munro) is a must-watch! Check out this adorkable Instagram video starring Cohen, his son Macklin, and a case of Just water.

I see a future GH doctor in scene-stealer Macklin. Be sure to catch the video so you can say that you saw the 1-year-old before he was famous!

Props must go to Cohen who subsequently earns some good-natured ribbing about his hair.  Fans can’t resist commenting on his hilarious up-do. Still, one loyal fan calls him a “hot dad.” I’m sure his wife, Mandy Musgrave, would agree!

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GH fans know that Cohen is also the hottest Father/Doctor in Port Charles. Mysterious Dr. Munro has been an enigma since day one. As the son of Duke Lavery (Ian Buchanan), we felt soooo bad for him as he slumped about town, soliciting info about his dearly departed dad.

Fan speculation then went wild when it was revealed that he figured into the Nathan West (Ryan Paevey)/Maxie Jones (Kirsten Storms) storyline. Did he have a crush on Maxie or Nathan? Where did that winding torso scar come from?

But imagine the hue and cry that occurred when the hunky doctor was also revealed to be a closet priest!

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The storyline seems poised to explode now that Claudette (Bree Williams) has come to town. GH fans know all about the twisted past she shares with both Griffin and Nathan. Or do they?

The blond minx is flirting up a storm with her ex-husband Nathan and working alongside jealous Maxie.  But, what has she got planned for doe-eyed Dr. Munro? GH fans, what do think is Claudette’s real agenda for coming to Port Charles?

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