‘General Hospital’ News: Lynn Herring Celebrates 30th Anniversary As Lucy Coe On ‘GH’


'General Hospital' News: Lynn Herring Celebrates 30th Anniversary As Lucy CoeApril 2016 marks 30 years since Lynn Herring debuted on General Hospital (GH) as the peerless character of Lucy Coe.

A Facebook group, Fans of Lynn Herring, boasting 19,000+ members, posted a glowing message from her saying, “What an adventure it has been, and I would not change a thing. With deepest appreciation and love, Lynn.” And anyone who has met Herring knows she means this genuinely, as she positively emanates warmth and authenticity.  You can read Lucy’s entire message to her fans right here on Facebook.  

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And what a ride it’s been for Lucy (and Lynn, as the latter says)! When she first came to Port Charles, Lucy made her way in life as a mousy librarian, donning spectacles and her hair perpetually in a dowdy bun. Then, in an unforgettable episode, the glasses came off, she shook her flaxen hair down and the real Lucy Coe was born.

Dressed in short, tight outfits that her late nemesis Catherine Bell once simply described as, “Tacky, tacky, tacky,” Lucy began blackmailing men into marriage for money, seeking fortune through corporate espionage, and toying with people simply for fun. But all the while, Herring’s built up a legion of fans with her first-rate performance. Few could ever really, truly dislike Lucy, even when she did malicious things with no justification, because of her sweet rambling speeches and her unmistakable capacity for true love. This was never more so the case than when Dominique Stanton bore her a surrogate daughter, Serena, fathered by Scott Baldwin.

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Other memorable storylines involving Herring’s Lucy include her bet with Damian Smith about whether he could seduce Bobby Jones and break-up her marriage to Alan; her annual hosting (including 2016, GH recently announced) of the Nurse’s Ball, at which she inevitably ends up in on stage in front of movers and shakers of Port Charles in nothing but her underwear and a wide-eyed, jaw-dropped expression; and her unexpected love affair and former marriage to the staid and serious Dr. Kevin Collins (Jon Lindstrom).

Lynn recently told Michael Fairman she’d love to come back for a meaty storyline, but not just an appearance here and there. She says she loves her life with Wayne Northrup (ex-Dr. Alex North, Days of Our Lives) on their idyllic ranch—of course, she WILL be back for the Nurse’s Ball this year, fear not. Congratulations and thank you to Lynn Herring for 30 unforgettable and moving years as an irreplaceable part of the of Port Charles family!

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