‘General Hospital’ News: Jesica Ahlberg Returns – Darby Back In PC To Cause Trouble?

'General Hospital' News: Jesica Ahlberg Returns - Darby Back In PC To Cause Trouble?‘General Hospital’ (GH) spoilers reveal that Jesica Ahlberg will be making more appearances as Darby Collette very soon. According to Soaps.com Ahlberg will be seen on screen again on Tuesday September 13 most likely in scenes with Bryan Craig [Morgan Corinthos] or Robert palmer Watkins [Dillon Quartermaine], although it is uncertain Ahlberg most usually has scenes with these two actors.

Darby was last seen not too long ago as she and Dillon made progress in their new found relationship. After dating Morgan and practically being his ‘side-chick’ for a while, Darby and Morgan ended things on a bitter note. When they broke things off and Morgan decided to reunite with Kiki [Hayley Erin], Dillon and Darby began seeing each other.

Things went bad when it was revealed that a new STI was in Port Charles and Darby suggested they tested for it. Down the road previews for ‘General Hospital’ indicate that Kiki and Dillon could end up together as he won’t stop fighting for her. What does this mean for Morgan and what does this mean for Darby?

If things head in that direction both Morgan and Darby will be single? But will they pursue each other or will Morgan keep his eyes on Kiki? With Ahlberg still being a recurring actress on the soap opera it looks like we will only be seeing her for this episode. Viewers ensure to tune in on September 13 to catch Ahlberg’s next appearance.

So GH fans are you happy Darby is back though for a brief appearance? Would you like to see more of her? Would you like to see Ahlberg land a contract on the ABC sudser?

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  1. ceecee says

    Can’t they just let Kiki and Morgan realize their relationship doesn’t work and stop with this contrived Darby crap…useless character. And I am totally disgusted with the show for having Ava mess with Morgan’s meds. As a person with bipolar disorder I find it horrible that they use this for entertainment..it is no longer educational when they approach it like this. And no matter what should happen to Morgan he will be blamed and Ava will not be punished!

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