‘General Hospital’ News: Genie Francis Taking A Break From GH – What Does This Mean For Kevin and Laura?

'General Hospital' News: Genie Francis Taking A Break From GH - What Does This Mean For Kevin and Laura?‘General Hospital’ spoilers reveal that actress Genie Francis will be off screen for a while as Laura Spencer. Soaps.com reports that the actress who made her way back to the role in 2015 will not be seen for a while until late September. For what reason this short break occurs is still not known.

Fans were just getting use to see Kevin [Jon Lindstrom] and Laura as a couple. They just officially went on their first date and shared their first kiss. Overall, we see that these characters possess undeniable chemistry and could be the next super couple.

Just how will Francis’ break affect her current story is yet to be seen. While Francis is on contract and will be sticking around ‘General Hospital’ for the unforeseeable future, Lindstrom is a recurring player. So with Francis out for a while does that mean we won’t be seeing Kevin until her return in late September?

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Kevin has mostly been seen with Laura and the stories surrounding her family. He’s helped out with everything that surrounded Nikolas’s [Tyler Christopher] supposed death. Other than that Kevin has been seen a few times with Lucy Coe [Lynn Herring], this is the reason why viewers are already wondering if they won’t see Kevin until Laura is back on the canvas.

Current stories shows Laura and Kevin making headway with what started out as a friendship but has now blossomed into a beautiful relationship. While it seems as if Laura has put a break on uncover the Helena mystery, we know the writers will soon revisit it.

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So with Francis on a short break what would you like to see happen with Kevin? Do you love Laura and Kevin as a couple? Are you anticipating more of them and Francis’ return to the canvas?

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  1. Laura Champlain says

    I”d rather see Kevin go with Laura not that she leaves because she’s having 2nd thoughts about them together or something stupid like that. I know Jon does alot of tv & movies so he may be off as well I don’t know. I don’t want anything to happen to break them up I’ve been tuning in just for them. I love everything Kevin and Laura and I don’t want to say I’m upset she’ll be away for a month but I’m really upset. I don’t want Kevin to be hurt that she’s leaving or Lucy trying to take advantage of the situation. Please don’t make the writers break them up just when he their getting started and what about Nikolas when is he coming back and Spencer. Laura’s a front and center character I’m feeling sick about this and the writers better not do something really stupid or I’ll have to kick some a$$! I’m missing them already. :/

  2. susan says

    well this just stinks…they are what’s keeping me watching right now…my new fave couple….


    i used to so love lucy and her doc…but she needs to stay with scottie now…….

    and all that….

    isn’t laura in a thing with hayden about whether or not to send spencer to boarding school…

    i get the feeling that we’re going to loose this wonderful actor…….i so don’t want him aged……it’s not right….to age him and not age cameron too…since they’re all supposed to be the same age, and emma…..

    they need to start doing what the brit soap i watch does…

    hear this


    what fun it is to see little hope battling cancer a year or so ago…and oh gee, not being aged…..aftewards…like joss has been

    or to see chesnie…..from the age of 8 now having a boy of his own…..jaime…….i think is his name…nope, he wasn’t aged….

    and everything else

    so here american writers, take a page out of other country’s soaps….they have good ideads….

  3. Kevin Pham says

    i don’t blame her her role on GH has been a bit too immature for her…. i blame the writers.. when these writers create stupid storylines the veteran actors and actresses take a break from GH =__=…. so more power to Francis take care miss.

  4. Linda Blake says

    Yes please keep Kevin and Laura together they make a cute,couple and please don’t break them up. Team Kevin and Laura!! And Nikolas needs to come back soon I love n miss him.

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