‘General Hospital’ News: Ashley Jones Reveals Status At ‘GH’ – Parker Forsyth Gone For Good?

'General Hospital' News: Ashley Jones Reveals Status At 'GH' - Parker Forsyth Gone For Good?‘General Hospital’ spoilers tease that we may have seen the last of Ashley Jones as Professor Parker Forsyth, at least for now. On screen Parker said her goodbyes to her lover, Kristina Corinthos [Lexi Ainsworth] as she returned to her wife. When her goodbyes were said, the portrayer’s status with the show was questioned. And Jones took to her blog with a post to clear things up.

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Jones was very happy to play the role, she was also happy of the support she received from ‘General Hospital’ fans. She also noted that she likewise questioned what her character would have done if Alexis [Nancy Lee Grahn] hadn’t interfered in what was going on between her and Kristina.

Jones took to her blog with a lengthy post after fans began questioning if they’ve seen the last of her alter ego. Jones shared that as an actress, they are required to deliver what the writer’s want, she must understand what they’re intentions are and bring across the story the way they want it.  She also went on to say that she is no longer filming.

“As an actor, it’s important to me to understand the writer’s intention. I also get attached to many of the characters I play and want to protect them. For the taping of this last air show, I wanted to make sure I understood what the writers wanted,” she wrote on her blog.

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She went on further to clarify what Parker could have been thinking. “I’ve said before in interviews that I believe Parker loves this girl. She loves her enough to let her go and find her own way,” Jones continued to share. Adding “Of course, I’m just the actress that gets to make the words come alive,” she continued. “I have no control over future storylines. Looking forward to seeing where this goes!”

So with Parker gone what does this mean for Kristina? Will Parker later return to make Kristina’s love life more complicated? What do you think fans?

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  1. amimom says

    No! Parker, don’t go!! We live the chemistry between Parker and Kristina. Both of them have been divorced and both are of age. Don’t tell me that people in their 20’s don’t date people in their 30’s! Look at their eyes when they look at each other; eyes don’t lie.

  2. Momac17 says

    I read “taping of this last air show,” differently. I interpret this as the last show the aired, but not Ashley’s last show. She will be back, but i predict that Amanda will be too.

    1. ErinElizabeth says

      That is absolutely as I was seeing it too.

  3. Kevin Pham says

    she should have been casted as EMILY =__=…. but this show only writes storyline for JEROMES CASSIDINES DAVIS an the annoying CORNTOES family =__=…

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