‘General Hospital’ Interview: Shari Belafonte Discusses Portraying Mayor Lomax, Reveals Her Future On ‘GH’ Looks Promising

'General Hospital' Interview: Shari Belafonte Discusses Portraying Mayor Lomax, Reveals Her Future On 'GH' Looks Promising‘General Hospital’s Shari Belafonte (Mayor Lomax) wants MORE! She wants to do more Mayor Lomax! She’s got a role that she can really sink her teeth into and she wants to do Lomax proud… so to speak. Aside from her impressive acting – Shari is the daughter of singer Harry Belafonte, and wife (since 1989) of actor Sam Behrens (Jake Meyers, GH).

Belafonte is having a blast portraying a corrupt woman, who is not above using subterfuge or strong-arm tactics to get her point across or to get what she wants… whether it’s to get Olivia Falconeri (Lisa LoCicero) to drop her suit against the Mayor, or to threaten her son, Det. Dante Falconeri (Dominic Zamprogna) with cutting off funds to the “Big Brothers, Big Sisters” organization that he enjoys working with. Now Dante has unabashedly “shown the Mayor to the door” of his apartment and escorted her back into the hallway for her efforts and attempted bribery… but she really should be careful about jamming Dante’s buttons where the children are concerned.

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Belafonte has currently taped three shows over the course of two days, and recently told Soaps in Depth, that “It’s been quite a learning curve and it’s been so much fun. But, it’s quite a shell shock when you’re used to saying two lines a week to suddenly having 70 lines over a two hour period!”   Shari also revealed that her future on the soap looks promising and TPTB have already contacted her for more appearances, she added “I can only assume that I am coming back.”  

Belafonte is not totally “new” to Television. She used to be seen in ABC’s “Hotel”, as Julie Gillette with James Brolin (Peter McDermott) and Connie Selecca-Tesh (Christine Francis) from 1983 – 1988… which used the famed St. Gregory Hotel as its setting.

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It will be most interesting to see if this lawsuit from Olivia moves forward, or, if Mayor Lomax has her way, will it be squashed as she continues to ride rough-shod over inhabitants of Port Charles as she schemes her way through her term in office?  If today’s episode was any indication that more story with Lomax may be coming down the pike, then Belafonte may well get her wish for “more Lomax”.

Keep tuned in, my dears. This reporter is keeping her ear on Port Charles… are you?

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