‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Theresa’s Confession Rocks Brady’s World – Can He Forgive Her And Save Theresa From Guillermo?

'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Theresa's Confession Rocks Brady's World - Can He Forgive Her And Save Theresa From Guillermo? Days Of Our Lives Theresa (Jen Lilley) has been keeping a secret from Brady (Eric Martsolf). She knows the real reason why Xander (Paul Telfer) is after her and why he was in prison. Instead of telling Brady the truth, she has kept it from him. DOOL spoilers tease that Theresa finally decides to confess and tell him the truth about Xander and why he is after her.

Theresa confesses to Brady that she is responsible for what happened to Xander. She has an epiphany after everything that has happened to her. Tate was kidnapped and she was attacked. This secret is the last thing hanging over her head. She doesn’t want any more secrets between them so she decides to come clean about what happened.

She knows that Xander has a reason to go after her. She sits Brady down and tells him that she lied about Xander trying to rape her. Brady is obviously mad at her when he hears the news about what she did. Needless to say, the first question on his mind is “why would she lie about something so serious”? Instead of giving him an explanation, she decides to turn things around on him. She goes into victim mode and basically blames him for why she lied to him.

The excuse Theresa uses is that he wasn’t giving her enough attention. She goes back and forth into her old behavior while trying to justify her actions. Despite his anger towards her,Brady eventually comes around and forgives her for her lie. Even though he’s willing to accept what she did, things don’t go as smoothly for the couple as she hoped.

Theresa’s problems don’t end with the confession. Someone that she knows comes back into her life. A man named Guillermo arrives in Salem and this is not good news for Theresa. This will be the beginning of how Theresa will be written out of the show. Guillermo isn’t a good guy. He is a villain and he insists on making Theresa’s life miserable. Will Brady be able to help her with Guillermo or will she be one more woman that he loses to death?

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