‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Kate Romances Deimos – Uses Marriage Proposal To Seek Revenge On Victor

'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Kate Romances Deimos – Uses Marriage Proposal To Seek Revenge On Victor ‘Days of Our Lives’ (DOOL) spoilers tease that Kate Roberts [Lauren Koslow] will romance Deimos Kiriakis [Vincent Irizarry] and even propose marriage. But it’s all a ruse to exact revenge on Victor Kiriakis [John Aniston] for helping Stefano DiMera [Joseph Mascolo].

Deimos is caught between two lovers, but is he going to be made a fool? ‘DOOL’ viewers should expect Kate to surprise Deimos with a romantic dinner and then she’ll ask Deimos to run off to Vegas for a quickie wedding.
Of course Nicole Walker [Arianna Zucker] has to step in and throw a wrench into Kate’s plan. Deimos’s romance with Nicole has been heating up under Victor’s direction. Revenge for Maggie Kiriakis [Suzanne Rogers] is a major motivator for Victor to keep all his bases covered and Nicole fits nicely into that plan.

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Deimos decides to tell Nicole that Kate wants to elope and Nicole walks out. The fact that Deimos told Nicole about her marriage proposal upsets Kate. This was a private conversation and Kate doesn’t think Deimos had any business telling Nicole.

In order to calm Kate down Deimos says yes, he will marry her. This will propel Kate’s plane to get back at Victor for helping Stefano oust Kate from her seat on the board of DiMera Enterprises.  If Kate thinks Deimos isn’t smart enough to figure this all out she will need to think again. Before Deimos will put a ring on Kate’s finger he’s going to ask her to sign a pre-nup. That’s not going to sit well with Kate at all.

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Who will manipulate Deimos? Will it be Victor through Nicole or Kate? Is Deimos in the dark about being used as a pawn or does he know exactly what’s going on? Does Deimos have revenge plans of his own for Kate, Nicole and Victor?

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  1. crmzntd says

    ICK! Kate should slink off into the bushes. I guess she & Deimos deserve each other but not before Vic gets his revenge. S/l’s are screaming desperation & those of us who are 50 yr followers are sick of the garbage.

  2. SLH says

    I really hate that Nicole is being put in the middle of all this revenge and scheming. She was heading in such a better direction too bad writers couldn’t come up with some fresh storylines for her. Hope Chloe comes and attracts Fynn, he’s not right for Kayla by a long shot,they are as bad as the pairing of Lucas and Adrianne.

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