‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Nadia Bjorlin Talks Chloe’s Pregnant, Her Reaction and The Decision She Must Make

'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Nadia Bjorlin Talks Chloe's Pregnant, Her Reaction and The Decision She Must Make‘Days of Our Lives’ spoilers’ tease that Chloe [Nadia Bjorlin] will realize that she‘s pregnant. Chloe will meet with Philip [John-Paul Lavoisier] to talk about her music career but she will have to open up to him about a little secret she is keeping as well – her pregnancy.

Chloe really fears the worst, she was trying to make a new start but it turns out she’s carry Deimos [Vincent Irizarry] baby, the man that is madly in love with her best friend. At her meeting with Philip, she has to cut it short because she is not feeling well previews Bjorlin in the new issue of the Soap Opera Digest magazine.

Chloe is convinced she is pregnant so she gets a pregnancy test which confirms what she believed – she’s pregnant. “Chloe’s reaction is not good!” says Bjorlin. Adding “At this point, Chloe thought she was making a fresh start. She’s in Salem, and with Philip’s help, she’s pursuing a music career. Her life was looking bright and this throws a wrench into everything. It’s something that Chloe should want to feel joyous about, but she can’t because Deimos is the father.”

What a predicament to find yourself in – pregnant by the man that is in love with her  best friend. Feeling overwhelmed Chloe will choose to confide in Philip. SID previews that Philip will become a shoulder for Chloe to lean on; he is attentive and caring about her situation. Bjorlin shares it is a very difficult time for Chloe and she struggles to decide if she should terminate the pregnancy.

So ‘Days of Our Lives’ fans what do you think? Do you think Chloe should keep the baby or terminate the pregnancy? Do you think she and Deimos should be together and raise their child?

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  1. SLH says

    Don’t want to see a storyline about abortion,too much death on Days as it is,jmo

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