‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Adriana Schemes To Break Up Rafe And Hope – Meddling Mother Determined To Keep Son Away

'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Adriana Schemes To Break Up Rafe And Hope - Will They Get Their Happily Ever After?It looks like another mother is trying to come between a son and his potential new love. This has happened many times on Days Of Our Lives and it looks like it is about to happen again. As Days Of Our Lives fans know, Adriana (Alma Delfina) has never been a fan of Hope (Kristian Alfonso). In fact, when they first met, Adriana was chilly towards the detective. She doesn’t want her son Rafe (Galen Gerring) with someone like Hope. Adriana thinks that Hope is trouble and isn’t good enough for her son. According to next week’s DOOL spoilers, she is going to try and come between Rafe and Hope.

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Adriana is upset at the idea of Rafe getting closer to Hope. After the explosion, Rafe and Hope become closer than ever. This is upsetting news to Adriana. She was happy with the idea that Hope was out of Rafe’s life. Hope broke up with Rafe to be with Aiden (Daniel Cosgrove). Hope ended up breaking up with Aiden and now this is a chance for Rafe to get her back. Adriana is furious that Rafe wants to be back with Hope. She warns her son to stay away from Hope. The meddling mother is going to come up with a plan to keep her son away from the detective.

Rafe has an unexpected ally in trying to get his mother to approve of his growing relationship with Hope. His father Eduardo (A Martinez) wants to see his son happy. If Hope makes him happy, he is all for them being together. Eduardo wants Adriana to give Hope a chance. He doesn’t think she should come between Rafe and the woman he loves. Will she listen to her ex-husband?

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This isn’t the first time Adriana has tried to come between Rafe and Hope. She tried to come between them when she brought her friend Blanca (Ximena Duque) to Salem. Adriana thought that Rafe would fall in love with Blanca and forget about Hope. Rafe and Blanca knew that his mother was trying to set them up. Rafe and Blanca have had close moments, but Adriana’s plan didn’t work. Will Adriana come up with a new plan to keep her son away from Hope for good?  Let us know what you think in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy for all of your ‘Days Of Our Lives’ spoilers and news!

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