‘Days Of Our Lives’ Poll: Does Belle Belong With Philip Or Shawn? VOTE!

'Days Of Our Lives' Poll: Does Belle Belong With Philip Or Shawn? VOTE! ‘Days of Our Lives’ fans, now is a great time to voice your opinion if you are a ‘Shelle’ (Belle & Shawn) fan. We want to know who you prefer seeing Belle (Martha Madison) with. At the moment Belle is awaiting the final papers to confirm her divorce from Shawn Brady (Brandon Beemer). Shawn however wants to work things out with his wife even though she is currently bedding her ex-hubby Philip Kiriakis (John-Paul Lavoisier).

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This love triangle is all new to us, as Laviosier recently debut in the role of Philip and Madison reprised the role of Belle last year during the shows 50th anniversary. Upon Belle’s return to Salem viewers learned that her marriage was in turmoil due to her unfaithfulness towards her husband.

'Days Of Our Lives' Poll: Does Belle Belong With Philip Or Shawn? VOTE!

It was shortly after, that Shawn made his return to town and we saw a heated face-off between the two. Their daughter Claire (Olivia Rose Keegan) is intent on her parents reuniting, but this doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon. While it would be nice to see them reunite for the sake of their daughter, it would be better watching them struggle to find their way back to each other.

Though not into an official relationship, Belle continues to bed Philip. The two who were married for approximately two years before she married Shawn and ended their relationship due to much unforeseen challenges. We cannot deny that these four stars are great scene partners. Belle and Philip do make some hot crazy bed time scenes! But, what do the fans want to see?

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Some fans already disclosed they are waiting for a reigniting of the fire chemistry that once existed between Shawn and Belle back in 2007 and 2008. But will we eventually see that? Or will we continue to melt while Belle and Philip hit the sheets? This is exactly what some fans want to see. But what do you think? Who do prefer seeing Belle in a long term relationship with?  Are you Team Shawn or Team Philip? Vote below!

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  1. SLH says

    Don’t want to see Shawn with her she is unrepentant has constantly cheated on him will only do it again when she feels she isn’t getting enough attention will probably cheat on Phillip too such a witch. Karma coming Phillip will sell her out just like he did his own father if the price is right.

  2. Kali J. Burgos says

    She belongs with Shawn. Phillip is only using her to get the money that Sami gave her

  3. Sharon Jesse says

    Kali I hate to disagree but Shawn deserves someone far better than her. She is a spoiled selfish brat who thinks the world revolves around her. She is spiteful and angry and I hope to heaven Shawn runs for the hills along with his daughter. I even feel sorry for Phillip because I don’t like him at all but they are both self centered and deserve each other.

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