‘Days of Our Lives’ News: Missing Daniel Already? Find Out About Shawn Christian’s Real-Life Romance with DOOL Arianne Zucker and New Projects

'Days of Our Lives' News: Missing Daniel Already? Find Out About Shawn Christian's Real-Life Romance with DOOL Arianne Zucker and New Projects“Days of Our Lives” viewers are trying to say goodbye to Daniel (Shawn Christian) after a horrific car accident claimed his life. However, you’ll still have plenty of chances to check out Shawn Christian in his various new projects. Christian recently wrapped filming on “Last Seen in Idaho.” He also tweeted some behind-the-scenes pics from the set of “Hidden Truth.”

It looks like Christian has a comedy in the works as well. He’s been filming “Savannah Sunrise” in Georgia. In other words, Christian is a busy guy! If you’re going to miss seeing Daniel around Salem, you’ll want to watch some of Christian’s latest flicks. It’s clear that some of these roles are a big departure from Dr. Dan. It should be fun to see Christian show off his acting chops in a new way.

DOOL fans might also be interested to know that Christian and his onscreen love interest are actually a couple in real life. Christian and Arianne Zucker, who plays Nicole, are reportedly in a long-term relationship. This isn’t the first time Zucker has found love with a “Days of Our Lives” costar. Zucker was also married to Kyle Lowder (ex-Brady) from 2002-2014. They share a daughter together named Isabella.

Christian’s departure from “Days” has caused many viewers to wonder about Zucker’s future at DOOL. The rumors hint that it was Christian’s choice to leave the NBC soap and his dwindling airtime may have had something to do with it. Now that Christian has left the show and is starring in a plethora of films, some fans are fearing that Zucker could follow his lead. Zucker’s contract is estimated to run through March 2016. That’s when a decision should be made about possibly renewing.

Nevertheless, Zucker seems excited about what lies ahead for her character. In recent interviews, she’s indicated that exciting developments are coming up. Most DOOL watchers are hoping that Zucker will sign on the dotted line once again so we can see much more of Nicole! Stick with “Days of Our Lives” to see how Nicole will handle Daniel’s death.

So “Days” fans, what do you think about the news that Shawn Christian is finding success outside of DOOL? Are you glad to see he’s involved in so many projects? What about Arianne Zucker’s relationship with Christian? Do you think they make a cute couple? Voice your opinion in the comments below and don’t forget to check Soap Opera Spy often for the latest “Days of Our Lives” spoilers, rumors, updates and news.

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  1. Lisa says

    Still upset that Dr. Dan is being killed off and that Shawn Christian is leaving.
    Why not just have him take a job with Doctors Without Borders or something other then kill him off? That could keep the door open for a return or appearances now and then.
    Yes I’ll still follow his career and watch whatever projects he does but it won’t be the same as seeing him everyday on DOOL.
    Bad enough he’s leaving and my other favorite Greg Vaughan is also on his way out. Not happy.

  2. Layla says

    Arianne is the the reason I watch Days. I am sad to see Daniel go, but Arianne is such a wonderful actress and seems to have chemistry with everyone the show sets her up with. With Sammy gone, Nicole is the one to watch.

    I am excited to see that Shawn has new projects. Hopefully I will find them and get to watch them as well.

  3. Marie Gonyea says

    It’s been hard trying to adjust to not seeing Daniel on the show, but it makes it easier knowing that they are together in real life.

  4. Lynn says

    So glad Shawn is getting work after Days. I suspected for a long time he and Arianne Zucker were dating in real life since early 2014. Hope it lasts along time.
    If Arianne wants to leave it would be better than sticking Nicole with Fynn.

  5. Lila jones says

    Why do we have to loose anyone why can’t thay all stay on the show, this is terrible things are going great now we takeing all good people off not fair and on top of all that it’s not on tv for us to watch

  6. Lia says

    He’s a very good actor, and I’m happy he’s found other great projects….But I’m going to miss Daniel. 🙁

  7. Jennifer says

    Did not know Daniel and Nicole were together, nice to hear, wish them both long loving relationship, will look for Shawns movies, cause he is one of my favorites, love Arianne, hope Nicole finds another great love soon, hope it’s not Eric, she’s going to hate him from killing Daniel, but she may end up with him again, I hope not, would like to see her with somebody wonderful and worthy, since it can’t be Daniel,
    Thank you very much💙

  8. Donna says

    Fans are used to and connected with Daniel on DOOL, so, no matter what movies we can see him in, seeing Shawn won’t be the same as seeing our Dr Dan on DOOL.

  9. Shirley says

    Hi IV been watching cool cent’s I was a bout 16 and just love the show I will miss Dr Dan I always thought that he would end up with Jennifer

  10. Sandra midkiff says

    Shawn christian and greg vaughn after peter reckel??really?? Maybe some writers need to go also.Viewers have enough grief of their own without all this added ..OVERLOAD..We also want abby and victor to stay…
    Would love greg vaughn to stay.

  11. Jodi Boissy says

    Shawn Christian I wish you luck on everything you are doing but you are sadly going to be missed on DOOL as Dr. Dan and you and Arianne Zucker look wonderful together and I wish you two a wonderful and happy life together!

  12. Barbara Verria says

    I am so happy for Shawn Christian. He and Arianne make a wonderful couple. I will miss him as Dr Dan, but wish him and Arianne many wonderful years together. They are both exceptional actors, and I hope Arianne gives us many more years of her talent. She is a beautiful and talented woman.

  13. Deborah Daniels says

    Just want to say why not recast instead of killing off the great characters of Days! Pretty soon there won’t be any one left!

  14. Louise Hegland says

    I hate it that he is gone. I have cried all week! I love Arianne Zucker and love it that they are together! I wish them the best!

  15. Tammy gail says

    I hate they killed him off. This means he is never coming back since he is not a Dimara. It took me a while to warm up to Nicole and Dan. I wanted him with Jennifer. However, as time past I really thought of Nicole and dr. Dan as a power couple. I hate Maggie lost her only son and Nicole lost the love of her life. I am happy Arianne and Shawn are together in reality world! Are they closing the doors on DOOL? Killing off these actors and some jumping ship concerns me!

  16. Regina Kempton says

    I love Danial and Nicole together. Knowing they are together in real life helps me deal with the loss of Danial. I wish Shawn nothing but the best in life. I do however wish the writers would stop with all the death in Salem.

  17. Susan says

    I am a fan of DOOL almost since the beginning of time. Have so many twists and turns that would make you head spin. I always loved to watch Peter Reckell (Beau)he was a natural for that role as well as Stephen as Patch. Dr Dan leaving is something that will take a bit to handle. He was a fiber the show. He would be able to come thru for everyone in need on the show. I am thrilled to hear that I real life, Arianne and Christian are together. Awesome couple. Best of luck for your relationship future for you both.

  18. ltaylor says

    Happy for success for Christian, sad day for viewers. Had no idea about the off set romance – nice. Question…have the writers and people in charge of story lines just gone completely ’round the bend? It seems they are turning DOOL into a different show. Are they going to just keep killing people? ENOUGH!!! Enough killing, dying, funerals and entire shows with sobbing and emotional pain. After 49 years of all sorts of foolishness I am done. Bye bye and good luck.

  19. Caroleflower says

    Too many favs leaving!! Not much reason to watch this show any longer. I read Abigail is leaving too! Just a bunch of teens left. I understand bring new fresh faces to appeal to a new generation, but I guess us loyal veteran viewers don’t seem to matter anymore! I know its not just the network, actors move on to new and different projects and opportunities, but do ya have to kill them? So disenchanted with the soaps these days! Im looking at other soaps and finding my favs on other soaps, so now Im dividing my time.

  20. Teresaann says

    I will miss him. I wish we could of seen them get married first. So many funerals, I want a wedding!

  21. Mary says

    Going to miss dr.Daniel Jonas. I liked him and Nicole together let’s see if she goes back to her old ways.

  22. Susan says

    Did Kate Mansi ever mention what her big new project is, after she leaves Days? I don’t like that Kate is leaving Days, but I hope the writers recast the role of Abigail Deveraux. Does anyone also know what’s up with Jennifer, Abby’s mother after she collapsed in Chad’s arms? I wonder if it’s internal bleeding? Days loves killing off tons of characters at a time, huh? Wow, has the writing team changed over the years!!!!!!!

  23. CinDee says

    As for Shawn and Ari relationship, like the two were on DAYS, I’m happy they have each other”. Their feelings fir each other off screen carried over to on screen and those scenes between then were HOT, and definitely real! So happy for them both! Can’t wait to see where they both go from here even though they are not together on DAYS!

  24. GINA says

    I really miss Shawn (Daniel) on DOOL. I thought it was sad when Bo died. There has been too much death. Daytime is suppose to be about love in the afternoon, enough killing! I agree, he was a central character. You can have have main and supporting characters with good storylines. I feel that the writers have caused many actors to leave. I am sure Shawn had ideas of what he wanted in store for Daniel and I think the actors should be able to give input along with the fans. If the writers and producers thought it would make ratings go up to kill off Daniel, you are wrong. I think they should have kept him with Jennifer, married and lived in the Horton house. The show’s central family is the Hortons. It would have been interesting to see how they combined their families. I think Shawn and Arianne look like a very happy couple, happy for them, but I just never saw that chemistry with Daniel and Nicole. They had some hot love scenes, but I think they put them together because they were dating off-screen. I liked Daniel and Nicole when they were friends and getting in trouble together. Jennifer was the love of his life and I think they still had love for each other. I think we could see Shawn starring in a prime time show, he is a great actor. He is a natural. Good luck to Shawn. I saw him in Hidden Truth, so different than Daniel, but he was great.

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