‘Days of Our Lives’ News: Grant Aleksander Confirms He Is NOT Coming To DOOL

'Days of Our Lives' News: Grant Aleksander Confirms He Is NOT Coming To  DOOL Former ‘Guiding Light’ actor Grant Aleksander [Ex-Phillip] took to social media to shut down the rumors of him joining ‘Days of Our Lives’. A rumor that begun as a result of a picture that Days’ star Vincent Irizarry [Deimos Kiriakis] tweeted including Aleksander, Irizarry and Judi Evans [Adrienne Kiriakis].

The picture was posted indicating that Aleksander visited the Days’ set in commemoration of the show’s 13000th celebration. However, fans began speculating that this meant that he was joining the cast. And, later former GL co-star Michael O’Leary shared a Facebook post that indicated the rumors were true. O’Leary however retracted his statement by sharing he was mislead and should have contacted Aleksander first.

We can now safely say that Aleksander is not joining the NBC soap opera, not just because of O’Leary retraction of his earlier statement but due to Aleksander’s own message. He stepped forward and tweeted “Not sure how this rumor got started but I’m not going on Days of Our Lives. Just went by the Studio last week to say Hi to some friends”.

Though he may not be joining Days’ it was fun to see him and his friends reunite. Their reunion had several GL fans reflecting on their time on the show. These three stalwarts were a part of an epic triangle back in the day. Fans remember them vividly as Lujack [Irizarry], Beth [Evans] and Phillip [Aleksander] the triangle that was much talked about during the show’s run on CBS.

So Days fans are you saddened that Aleksander’s joining Days was only a rumor? Would you have loved to see him join Days? Possibly playing Dr. Mike Horton or someone else? Do you think the producers should reach out to him and cast him? What are your thoughts?

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  1. Dean_Morgan says

    While Grant is certainly talented, I am glad to hear we don’t have another new actor in another new role. I admit though that it would have been interesting to see him as Mike. Days has been on the upswing the last couple of weeks. I was getting worried with all of those rumors about cancellation. I hope the ratings increase, so that the show will be renewed.

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