‘Days Of Our Lives’ News: Exec Producer Ken Corday Dishes On Changes Coming To DOOL

'Days Of Our Lives' News: Exec Producer Ken Corday Dishes On Changes Coming To DOOL What could have possibly gone wrong with ratings after the increase ‘Days of Our Lives’ DOOL received during the show’s 50th anniversary? In the newest issue of the Soap Opera Digest magazine Ken Corday, the show’s Executive Producer tells all. Corday dished on the change coming to ‘Days of Our Lives’, how the new writing team has done their endeavor best to fix the issues and more.

During the show’s 50th Anniversary the writings explored a serial killer storyline with some important characters being killed off, Bo [Peter Reckell] dying from a brain tumor and more. The show’s ratings increased as we also saw some fan favorite returns but overtime the ratings went right back down. However, the show’s executives work relentlessly to fix storylines and aimed for a rating increase.

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According to Corday, Ryan Quan and Dena Higley, the new co-head writing team have done an excellent job resetting the show. Higley herself is quite confident with the storylines as she tweeted her return from her leave of absence encouraging fans to tune in for the new material which airs next month.

Corday shared “I have been waiting to do this interview for about six months because we wrote the shows coming up and taped them six months ago, and I knew then I’d be very excited about the show because it is reset”. He further added “Dena and Ryan have done a wonderful job of resetting it and getting it out of that dark place it was in.”

So what could the new materials include? Could dead characters be returning? Let’s remember Corday promised that all dead characters would remain dead but they eventually brought back Aiden [Daniel Cosgrove] from the dead. And apart from the possibility of dead characters returning Corday promises more romantic stories. “We’re telling romantic story again. Over time, we will see more and more familiar characters come back onto the screen who will be very refreshing for the audience. Great names from the past,” Corday told SOD.

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“Dena’s first stroke was to bring in the ‘Legion of Doom’ and jeopardize everyone in Salem for a period of time,” Corday highlights hence the reason for the returns of some villains. Corday encouraged fans to start watching in September and look for a change by Christmas.

So fans what do you think will be happening from September to December? Are you anticipating seeing what the new writing team has in store?

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  1. Kali J. Burgos says

    Bring back the Supercouples and watch the ratings soar!!

    Weddings, romance, adventure!!

  2. Margo Smith Dixon says

    Turn on the lights, or get a new lighting engineer! The sets are all way too dark! It’s like being in a cave for an hour, even with the “exteriors”!
    I say lighten up both the plot and the set!

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