‘Days Of Our Lives’ News: Alison Sweeney Furious Over Diet Scam Using Her Name, Warns Fans In Angry Video – Watch Here!

'Days Of Our Lives' News: Alison Sweeney Furious Over Diet Scam Using Her Name, Warns Fans In Angry Video - Watch Here!‘Days Of Our Lives‘ alum Alison Sweeney is not a happy camper today.  The former ‘DOOL’ actress took to Facebook to let fans know about a diet scam that is flooding the internet, and lying and claiming that that Alison supports their product and wants her soap fans to try it.

Alison Sweeney has been an avid member of the celebrity weight loss community for years, and the host of the reality diet show “Biggest Loser.”  The soap actress has worked on many diet and weight loss products – and has maintained her position as a supporter of healthy living – and diet and exercise.

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Although Alison doesn’t go in to detail about the company that is lying and using her name to push products, it sounds like it is some sort of diet pill or supplement that reels people in by promising to help them lose weight over night and get the body of their dreams.  As we all know, those magic diet pills rarely work, and usually cause some sort of harm to our bodies in the long run, rather than helping us lose weight.  And, that is the last thing Alison wants to happen to her fans!

In the video that Alison Sweeney posted on her Facebook page today, she made it very clear that she is NOT happy about her image being used to push the scammy product and announced that she is “fighting back.”  The angry soap actress growled in to the video that this is a “form of identity theft.”

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So, if you see ads on Facebook or around the internet for a new weight loss gimmick that Alison Sweeney uses – don’t fall for it!  Alison makes it very clear that the only weight loss “tricks” she supports are eating healthy and exercise.  You can check out Alison’s video below and let us know what you think in the comment section!

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Posted by Alison Sweeney on Monday, March 7, 2016

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  1. ROBOT says

    “Don’t make me go all Sami Brady on your @$$!” This video of Allison being protective of her fans shows where Sami’s character gets her fierceness. <3 .

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