Weekly Soap Ratings December 14-18: ‘General Hospital’ Up, ‘Y&R’ Steady, ‘B&B’ And ‘DOOL’ Down

Weekly Soap Ratings December 14-18: 'General Hospital' Up, 'Y&R' Steady, 'B&B' And 'DOOL' Down Soap Opera Network released the rating reports for all four soaps during the week of December 14-18. It’s a HUGE change from previous weeks, and “General Hospital was the big winner. “B&B,” “The Young and the Restless,” and “Days of Our Lives” all saw a major decrease in viewership this week. Soap Opera Spy will examine the ratings more closely below.

General Hospital

“General Hospital’ has experienced a rough patch the past few weeks. They have lost in the rating reports for over a month; however, this week they won big. “GH” had an increase of nearly 200K total viewers. The show is still lower than last year, but this a great start. In the key demo of women 18-34, “GH” increased their audience by 24K. It was an amazing week for the ABC soap opera.

The Young and the Restless

“Y&R” had a decent week. They did not win in the rating department; however, their standing was stable. In total viewers, “Y&R” lost 12K people this week. In the key demo of women 18-34, the CBS soap opera lost amount the same amount as total viewers, 14K.  It was an okay week, considering how dissatisfied the fans have been with the writing on the daytime drama.


B&B” lost HUGE this week. The CBS soap opera lost almost 50K viewers this week. Compared to last year, the daytime drama has lost almost 200K viewers. In the key demo of women 18-34, the soap opera did not do as badly losing 12K this week.

Days of Our Lives

“Days” was the clear loser this week, losing 80k viewers this week. The NBC soap opera has struggled with their audience since they killed off so many key characters during the anniversary month. The positive is when you compare this week to last year; there is a 150k increase.  In the key demo of women 18-34, “DOOL” lost about 16K viewers.

Soap Opera Spy fans, how did your favorite soap opera do this week?

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  1. Barbara leach says

    I love GH it’s my favorite soap of all times since I was like 12 yrs old and I’m 47..Go GH keep up the good work.

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