Weekly Soap Ratings: Check Who’s Up, Who’s Down And Why

Weekly Soap Ratings: Check Who's Up, Who's Down And WhyThe weekly ratings for “Young and the Restless,” “Days of Our Lives,” “Bold and the Beautiful,” and “General Hospital” are in; all four soaps saw a jump in viewers overall, but women viewers raised big concerns for all four daytime dramas, according to Soap Opera Digest.

“Young and the Restless” total viewership is up; however, the young women (18-49) is at an all-time low. Many fans speculate the reason for the dip in viewers is the way head writer Chuck Pratt is portraying women on the show. He has turned the strongest woman on the show, Phyllis Summers-Abbott (Gina Tognoni) into a weak naive woman. Not only that, the show is dragging storylines, and not wrapping up storylines quickly enough to keep their fans engaged. Fans are not happy with the direction of the show. Over the past few months “Y&R” has lost many long-time viewers.

“Days of Our Lives” experienced an increase of total viewers as well. However, the young women (18-49) dipped quite a bit. “DOOL” fans have voiced their disappointment with many of the storylines that never seem to end. Will the new head writer, Josh Griffith save the show?

“General Hospital” saw a small increase in total views. For the young women (18-49) age group, they saw an all-time low. In fact, the show has lost 225,000 viewers since last year. Fans are hoping that with Ron Carlivati out as the head writer, they will be able to turn the show around? If the show would finally tells Jake his true identity, the show may bounce back.

“Bold and the Beautiful” is the only soap to see consistent viewer gains overall. The women (18-49) demographics increased by quite a bit after Maya’s wedding. It seemed many people were impressed how the show was able to tackle the controversial subject of transgender women in a tasteful way. The episode was praised by critics and really helped the shows weekly ratings.

Are you surprised by the low ratings of “Days,” “GH” and “Y&R?” Are you surprised so many fans supported Rick (Jacob Young) and Maya’s (Karla Mosley) wedding (“Bold and the Beautiful”)? Hopefully, the ratings will steadily improve over the next few weeks, as we move into November sweeps.

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  1. deshell stover says

    im gald they down and if it don’t change each week going to get worse I know a lot of people that have stop watching in that age group and I should know ten of my family members have most of them long time viewers to im trying to hold out some kind of hope it’s going to get better if cane and lily split for good im gone just like the of my family I have had enough he does everything for shock ok and then he doesn’t know how to wrap the crap up so he just keep piling crap on top of that and we left with the after math and thinking what just happened every body cheating and enough with the look a likes and characters acting so much out of character you don’t even know who they are anymore its not young and the restless anymore its the old and restless because these stories are old with a sorry twist to them you know its bad when you got to wake up the dead aorry patty chuckie need you to wake up

  2. deshell stover says

    I meant to say sorry patty chuckie need you to wake up

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