‘The Young and the Restless’ (Y&R) Poll: Jack Crippled By Rage Will He Forgive Phyllis & Family For Accepting Marco?

YR-Jack-forgive-MarcoYou think your year has been difficult? Not many people have had a harder year than Jack Abbott (Peter Bergman) on “Young and the Restless.” He was kidnapped, held prisoner by wacko Kelly (Cady McClain) and Marco (Peter Bergman), a South America drug lord, pretended to be him for a few months. No one could blame him if he was having a hard time dealing the fact Marco could fool his loved ones so easily. He had suppressed his anger about the whole situation but at some point he will need to voice his frustrations to someone.

On Aug. 18, John (Jerry Douglas) appeared to Jack to help him figure out how to handle Victor and Marco. In his frustration about the Marco ordeal, he said that it angered him that Marco stepped into his life so easily. He noted that his loved ones- including Phyllis (Gina Tognoni) – accepted Marco as him. He said that he felt betrayed that his wife slept with him over and over and didn’t notice the difference between them.

He told his father, “I am angry and I don’t know what to do about it.” John suggested that he should take matters in his own hands to end the Newman merger and to reclaim his personal life. He wanted to live life without being scared of him. At the moment, he is terrified that he will try to step into his life again- and the fear is he may pull it off for good this time.

It seems completely reasonable that Jack is nervous that Marco could take over his life again. In fact, many fans appreciated the scene with his father when he voiced his frustration and hurt over Marco sleeping with his wife. It seemed like a completely real-life response to the ordeal. Until then, it seemed like Jack wasn’t bothered by his wife and loved ones so accepting of Marco as the real deal.

Do you think Jack will tell Phyllis how he feels about her sleeping with Marco repeatedly? Do you think Jack will be able to move on with his life with Phyllis?

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